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PokerStars has established a reputation for itself as the leader in customer service when it comes to online poker rooms.  Lee Jones was a big part of bringing the focus on the customer attitude to Poker Stars.  He now takes his years of knowledge and experience to poker’s fourth largest US provider, Cake Poker.

After Jones left PokerStars, he became CEO of poker training site, CardRunners.  However, things did not really work out there, as Jones basically stepped aside, saying there was no need to have so many people “in charge” at CardRunners.  He has been sort of laying low since then, leading to speculation from the poker community over what he would do next.

Well, speculate no more.  Jones heads to the Cake Poker network, which has been gaining momentum in the online US poker market.  There’s no argument that Jones immediately brings credibility and respectability to the network with him.  Plans at the site have not been released, but it is probably safe to bet that Jones will implement some ideas that will bring a big boost to the network as it continues to grow.