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Poker forums from across the web will be competing in Everest Poker’s first ever Forum Challenge Summer League to prove just which forum hosts the best Texas Hold’em poker players around.  Members representing different forums will compete in the six event series, running from July 14th to August 18th.  Over the course of the event, $1,000 will be given out in cash prizes, and of course, bragging rights!

One event is held every Tuesday at 20:00 GMT during the six week period stretching between July and August.  The events are a mix of buy-in money added events and freerolls.  Here is the complete schedule as follows:

July 14th, 20:00 GMT: $100 Freeroll
July 21th, 20:00 GMT: $2+.20 $50 added
July 28th, 20:00 GMT: $100 Freeroll
Aug. 4th, 20:00 GMT: $2+.20 $50 added
Aug. 11th, 20:00 GMT: $100 Freeroll
Aug. 18th, 20:00 GMT: $5+.50 $200 added

Individual forum members, representing their poker forum of choice, will have two ways to earn cash prizes.  First off, members can play in the events and finish in the money.  Secondly, by playing well and making it onto the leaderboard, players can earn a cut of an additional $400!  Then, by tallying up their member’s performance, each forum will be rated.  At the end of the league, the top rated forum will receive an exclusive $200 freeroll for their forum members.  The second and third rated forums will each receive a $100 freeroll. has already confirmed their participation in this year’s Forum Challenge Summer League.

If you’re a poker player looking for a good challenge, this could be it!  If you don’t already have a poker forum to call home, FlopTurnRiver is free to sign up at, has great poker content to better your game, features exclusive events and bonus codes, and welcomes its new members!  If you don’t already have an account at Everest, be sure to sign up through FlopTurnRiver today!