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On January 15, bet365, part of the iPoker network, will be hosting four freerolls to celebrate its 2010 software upgrades.

The four $1000 freerolls begin Saturday, January 15 at 19:30 GMT. That’s right, all four freerolls begin at the same time! Simply hit the new Tile Table button and each table will be optimally displayed on your monitor. If you don’t want to tile your tables, bet365 has introduced stylish resizable tables that you can shrink and expand to your liking. bet365 has also added observer chat, so you can cheer on your friend if he is at another table of the freeroll!

After the freeroll is over, consider taking your winnings to bet365’s brand new Razz tables. Razz is a stud variant of poker in which you try to make the lowest five-card possible hand from the seven cards you are dealt. Playing cash games, like Razz and No Limit Hold ‘Em, at bet365 should be smooth sailing 2010. Thanks to player feedback, bet365 has increased the game speed and developed a more functional bet slider. In addition to gameplay enhancements, bet365 is proud to introduce preferred seating and a ‘Favorites Section’. The nifty ‘Favorite Section’ ensures that your favorite cash and tournament tables are only a click away!

bet365 is one of the first sites on the iPoker network to offer significant software improvements. Don’t forget to join them on January 15 for their four $1000 freerolls!