The 9th Full Tilt Online Pokers Series continued yesterday with Event #2, PL Omaha H/L Bounty. Full Tilt always seems to come up with new tournaments for their series’ to keep people interested and this event is no exception. The $240+16 buy-in PL Omaha H/L event with 40 dollar bounties brought in 1,138 players for a total prize pool of 227k.

As usual, many big names were left at or around the final 9 and the biggest name fell victim to his own aggression, MattG1983, when he exited in 11th. The final 9 was still a tough bunch of players, however, and included such tourney poker mainstays StuMan123 and Teledonk (aka Telefonkiosk) and canibetnow. A great story ended up emerging as Teledonk came into the final table as the short stack with only 120k as opposed to the chip leader DNcrew who had 675k, but Teledonk did not give up, picked his spots well and ended up taking down the whole tourney for $51,210.

Overall, Event #2 was a very entertaining tournament and FTOPS IX continues to roll along and attract big numbers in terms of entrants and prizes.

FTOPS IX Event #2- $240 PL Omaha H/L w/ Bounties

1,138 Entrants – 227k Prize Pool

1. Teledonk – $51,210

2. Chicha62 – $32,433

3. DNcrew – $24,011.80

4. THEDRILLER1 – $18,777

5. Jaturongkabaht – $14,225

6. juantwo34567 – $10,242

7. lovos111 – $6,828

8. canibetnow – $5,121

9. StuMan123 – $3,641.60