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The confirmed schedule for the latest Full Tilt Online Poker Series was unveiled recently. FTOPS XIII is slated to run from August 5th-16th, featuring a wide variety of events to tax the skills of the Internet’s most talented players. $16 million is guaranteed across the series’ 25 events, ensuring that there will always be enough money worth competing for. Also making a return is the MiniFTOPS, which made its debut during the last series. It features the same 25 events as its bigger cousin at 1/10 the buy-in levels.

The highlight of the FTOPS calendar is always the high-stakes two day event. This year’s version should not disappoint, with a $2,500 + $120 buy-in and $2 million guaranteed. The tournament will begin on Saturday, August 15th, the day before the start of the main event. This year’s finale has a $500 + $35 buy-in and a massive $2,500,000 guaranteed.

It will come as no surprise to hear that most of the tournaments are No Limit Hold ‘em, but there’s a significant amount of variation in the structures. Along with the traditional rebuy and heads up events there are knockout, shootout, and turbo versions. Some of the stranger concoctions include a No Limit event with antes from the start.

The FTOPS isn’t all about Hold ‘em, and there’s a modest selection of other poker games to test your all around abilities. Omaha, Pot Limit Omha/Pot Limit Hold ‘em, and Razz are all featured somewhere within the 11 day schedule. As with previous series, each event will be hosted by one of the sponsored Full Tilt Pros. We will bring you more information on these as soon as they have been announced.

The MiniFTOPS starts on September 9th and features a combined guaranteed prize pool of over $3 million. Events are open for registration now, including the $250 + $16 two-day event with $400k guaranteed and the MiniFTOPS Main Event – a $50 + $5 buy-in tournament with $500k guaranteed. If you want a completely cut price way to get some FTOPS action there are MiniFTOPS satellites starting at $0.50 (or 50 FT Points).

To encourage more entries into the FTOPS this year Full Tilt is running a new Satellite Challenge. For every seat you win beyond the first you’ll receive the buy-in to that event in Tournament dollars (T$). The person who wins the most seats to a particular event over the course of the challenge will receive an extra two buy-ins. The second place finisher will be awarded one extra T$ buy-in.

Another new addition is the Ante Up for Africa charity tournament. This non-profit organization was co-founded by Annie Duke and Don Cheadle to help provide aid to the people of Darfur. The live version of this event has become a staple of the WSOP calendar and is frequented by celebrities such as Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. The FTOPS version will be held on August 15th with a buy-in of $100 + $20 and a guaranteed prize pool of $100k. The entire tournament fee will be donated to the charity.

Making a welcome return is the “Bouncebackability” freeroll. Anyone who bubbles an FTOPS event will automatically be entered into this tournament, to be held on August 22nd. The winner of this event will be bought into the FTOPS XIV main event. A buy-in to every single FTOPS XIV event (excepting the two-day tournament) will be awarded to the lucky pair who finish top of the FTOPS and MiniFTOPS leaderboards. The buy-in package is expected to be worth around $7,500.

The full FTOPS XIII schedule is as follows:

#1 8-5 NLHE 6-max $200+16 $1,000,000

#2 8-6 NLHE 4x Shootout 6-max $300+22 $250,000

#3 8-6 Omaha Hi/Lo $200+16 $200,000

#4 8-7 NLHE 1R/A $200+16 $500,000

#5 8-7 7-Card Stud $200+15 $100,000

#6 8-8 PLO 6-max $500+35 $350,000

#7 8-8 NLHE w/ Rebuys $100+9 $500,000

#8 8-9 NLHE Knockout 6-max $240+16 $750,000

#9 8-9 NLHE Heads-Up $500+35 $500,000

#10 8-9 NLHE $300+22 $1,500,000

#11 8-10 HA (Half PL Hold’em, Half PL Omaha) $200+16 $200,000

#12 8-10 NLHE (Antes from Start) $1,000+60 $1,500,000

#13 8-11 NLHE 3x Shootout $300+22 $200,000

#14 8-11 H.O.R.S.E. $500+35 $300,000

#15 8-11 NLHE 6-max Turbo $200+16 $500,000

#16 8-12 PLO Hi/Lo Knockout $240+16 $200,000

#17 8-12 NLHE 6-max w/ Rebuys $300+22 $1,000,000

#18 8-13 PLO Heads-Up $200+16 $150,000

#19 8-13 LHE 6-max $200+16 $150,000

#20 8-14 NLHE 6-max $200+16 $400,000

#21 8-14 Razz $300+22 $150,000

#22 8-15 NLHE 6-max (2 Day) $2,500+120 $2,000,000

#N/A 8-15 “Ante Up For Africa NLHE 6-max (Antes from Start) $100+20 $100,000

#23 8-15 PLO w/ Rebuys $100+9 $350,000

#24 8-16 NLHE Knockout $120+9 $750,000

#25 8-16 NLHE Main Event $500+35 $2,500,000