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FTOPS XXI, Days 12 and 13

The Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) XXI continued on Thursday and Friday, with exciting offerings in a number of formats. Despite the reduced docket for the two days, there were only four events total, some serious action took place with some of the largest  prize pools so far being offered. Overall, hundreds of thousands of dollars were given out to the most deserving players. Every tournament had a strong showing, and they met their respective guarantees easily. It appears that FTOPS XXI is only gaining in momentum as it nears the thrilling $1.5 million guaranteed Main Event on Sunday, December 16th.

Event #27 – NL Hold’em

Players: 1,464
Buy-In: $100 + $9
Guarantee: $50,000
Prize Pool: $146,400

Wilmy_x $22,659.20

Mefestofel $20,000.00

BustToRobust $20,000.00

ThijsRemie $10,394.40

ZedBranigan $7,759.20

Jom123 $5,709.60

benderbei2 $4,245.60

enterthewu19 $3,074.40

veg777 $2,181.36

Event #27, a super stack NL Hold’em event with a low buy-in, drew the fourth-largest tournament field of the series so far. Naturally, that many players helped to inflate the prize pool, nearly tripling the guaranteed payout. Willy “Willmy_x” Aranzadi won his first gold jersey and a handsome $22,659, while two other players took a significant portion of the top money in a 3-way split. Poker pro Scott Clements cashed in 11th, just barely missing another final table.

Event #28 – Razz 

Players: 245
Buy-In: $300 + $22
Guarantee: $20,000
Prize Pool: $73,500

GoLeafsGoEh $19,477.50

gieras $12,936.00

lemberg1715 $8,820.00

Lidius $5,586.00

Sharkusmanly $3,675.00

bakku-shan $2,535.75

p00cket00 $1,911.00

esp979 $1,359.75

DeGamblor $992.25

While Razz is certainly not the best-loved game in the series, it does have a serious following and can represent a tremendous competitive challenge for professionals looking to dominate in a more exclusive game. Event #28 pitted some of the best and most versatile players in the world against each other, each vying for that coveted gold jersey. Ultimately Mike ‘GoLeafsGoEh’ Leah took down the top prize for nearly $20,000. If it wasn’t obvious from his player ID, Mike is a Canadian poker professional with over $2 million in lifetime earnings in just the past few years. The runner-up, ‘gieras’, has a solid history of online success as well. This strong player field boosted the payouts in this event, proving Razz to be a powerful major tournament draw.

Event #29 (1r+1a) – NL Hold’em, Rush, 1 Rebuy + 1 Add-On 

Players: 400
Buy-In: $200 + $16
Guarantee: $150,000
Prize Pool: $170,200

serjiofx $42,550.00

Pokerccini $26,381.00

moliveira $19,573.00

Comandr_Cool $15,318.00

DoktorGre $11,488.50

AD_84 $8,510.00

tuna_fish_tank $5,531.50

Scott Clements $4,255.00

sosickPL $3,404.00

Event #29 combined the most popular format of poker currently, No Limit Hold’em, with one of Full Tilt’s biggest claims to fame, Rush Poker. The winner, serjiofx, hails from the Russian Federation, and has nearly $500,000 in lifetime winnings. This was his biggest cash, nearly doubling his previously held personal record of $22,872. Scott Clements of World Poker Tour fame made the final table. Clements has nearly $6 million in lifetime earnings both live and online, so this field drew and impressive variety of poker professionals, including Mike ‘tuna_fish_tank’ Stroh. This rebuy went a bit longer than some of the other Rush Poker events, clocking in at 5 hours, and it paid the top 45 places.

Event #30 – Omaha Hi/Lo Limit

Players: 308
Buy-In: $200 + $16
Guarantee: $20,000
Prize Pool: $61,600

datso-buessal7 $13,120.85

mcflurryoreo $12,135.15

bIueberry $7,392.00

cyberkanguru $5,698.00

tamasycris $4,312.00

BronzStarPro $3,080.00

Upeshka $2,002.00

AmkarPerm $1,540.00

Real Shaddy $1,232.00

Event #30 wrapped up the day, with a solid showing for an interesting format, Omaha Hi/Lo. With a relatively high buy-in at $200+$16, the guarantee was set low. The players came through, tripling the guaranteed prize pool and proving that poker fans are always willing to play a great game. The top two players made a deal to share the earnings more evenly, with datso-buessal7 ultimately taking down the top prize. Russia had another strong showing, with notable pro Ilya ‘AmkarPerm’ Antonov coming in 8th.

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