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Martin Giguere

When you read the title to this interview, you may have asked yourslef “Who is this Dr. Giggy guy, and why does he like Family Guy so much?” Well, Martin “Dr. Giggy” Giguere (it’s pronounced “Djiggy,” although he does love Family Guy!) is likely the biggest winner in the 2/4 No Limit 6 max games online. The 21 year old from Quebec started out playing $5 sit and go’s, but it didn’t take long before he was crushing midstakes cash games. Now he’s one of the most feared midstakes cash game players on Full Tilt. Need proof? Well here it is.

DS: Your one of the biggest winners at 2/4 6 max on Full Tilt, Why don’t you choose to play mainly 5/10, a game you are clearly rolled for?

Martin Giguère: Hmmmm for a couple of reasons, but the main one certainly is that I’m a pussy. I have problems handling the money swings and tilt sometimes. I also believe that there might be more money to be made at 2/4 certain days, since the 1k games can be freaking loaded with good or nitty regulars, and the 400 games are always filled up with monkeys randomly pushing buttons. But I hate to lose 10k in a day. And I can now 12 table 400, which is just like printing money.

DS: Yeah I think that’s solid reasoning.

DS: You also play a super loose aggressive style, in the 30’s in both VPIP and PFR, why do you feel that style is best in the games you play?

Martin Giguère: Probably because people can’t adjust well to that style of play. I mean, there are a couple of guys at these levels who know how to handle a 35/30 guy, but for the most part, it just takes them out of their comfort zone and they don’t have a clue about what to do. I know that this style couldn’t be that good at higher levels, unless I’m CTS or Prinnyraid, because it makes me exploitable, but at the stakes I’m playing I just feel like I can outplay everyone after the flop anyways.

DS: What skills do you feel are important to have to play that loose?

Martin Giguère: Most important one has to be hand reading, because you can’t just play your cards like a robot. You just find yourself in new and unorthodox spots nonstop and you have to adjust to that alot. So I guess adjustment has to be the other important skill. You just have to win so many pots by bluffing and pushing other people around that you sure have to know where you’re at most of the time. It is, I’d rather shoot myself than play 18/15 poker.

DS: Even though you don’t live in America, why do you choose not to play on Euro sites?

Martin Giguère: I live in Canada, but Goddamn that stupid PartyPoker software makes me tilt so bad. Plus I can play as a dog on FTP. A dog !

DS: lol

DS: You are one of the top winners at 2/4 6 max month after month. How do you achieve that consistency?

Martin Giguère: Well… probably because everyone else kind of sucks at this limit. Everyone who stays there at least. I’m probably the only one stupid enough to beat the game that much and stay there. Plus, I’m a robot and can put in tons of hands every months.

DS: You told me your good friends with takechip, a high stakes cash game player who is one of the biggest winners at 25/50 online. Even though he’s never coached you and you don’t talk poker much, how has he influenced your poker game?

Martin Giguère: He’s the one who brought me seriously in the game and pushed me to the cash games, so I owe him everything for that (even though he owes me 60k since he can’t keep a FTP roll alive). He also keeps me motivated all the time, since seeing someone cashing for half a million in a month makes you feel like a freaking loser for making 30k. And I sometimes watch him play and try to learn from that, but it’s pretty tough to get anything from him, since he sucks freaking bad at being serious / explaining anything.

DS: lol

DS: Since you play in games your clearly overrolled for, how do you use that excess money, or how do you plan on using it?

Martin Giguère: Hookers obviously. no seriously I haven’t done anything right now with that money, except making it sleep in my bank account, but I plan on buying a balla house with takechip in a couple of months and make some investments in whatever the “investment” guy will tell me is good. Or in pumpkins, they never stopped growing all October long, I guess they’ll reach their peak at the end of January!

DS: When is poker most fun for you: When you are killing the 2/4 games, or when you are challenged at 5/10?

Martin Giguère: Hmmm it seriously depends on how I’m feeling at the moment. Sometimes I just want to be challenged and think about the game and every hand, so I play 1k. Other days I just want to play while watching T.V. or drinking beer, so I play 400. I guess that one day when I’ll be less lazy I’ll want to improve a lot and I’ll prefer playing higher stakes all the time.

DS: What sort of game selection do you practice?

Martin Giguère: I sit at non-full tables aka I don’t practice game selection. I know it would be wayyy more profitable to table select, but… meh. Guess I’m lazy. Depends on how you see it. That’s all. I guess I learned that from takechip…

DS: Man you are bad ass.

DS: How does your goofy and laidback personality benefit your poker game?

Martin Giguère: Hmm I guess it does not always benefit it, since like I said before, table selecting, analyzing my game and motivating myself for higher stakes would be way more profitable on a monetary point of view. But, on the other side, it sure keeps me well balanced, i.e. I don’t just think about poker all day long. I for sure prefer enjoy life nonstop and being stress free most of the time rather than dedicating all my time and energy to poker. I just want to have fun dude. That way I know I won’t be completely bored by poker and by everything else in like 3 years.

DS: How does it feel to be worshipped by your peers at 2/4?

Martin Giguère: To be honest I don’t have a clue about why people started to worship me. I just find it funny and it sure boosts my ego a little bit, but I don’t make a big case of it. But it’s good to have some visibility sometimes, since it will allow me in a near future to sign a deal with a video training site (although I don’t know which yet). On the other hand, I feel like I’m playing with a freaking big target on my back a lot of times.

DS: Okay, so now we’re going to move to the lightning round. Pretty much I’m going to ask you a bunch of pointless questions and just answer them as quick as possible.

Martin Giguère: Hehe good.

DS: Favorite beer?

Martin Giguère: Hoegaarden

DS: Yes! A man with good taste.

Martin Giguère: Yeah, by a mile!

DS: Favorite Book?

Martin Giguère: Junior Dino’s goes to the zoo. Read it over 34 times for sure.

DS: Wait, is that a children’s book?

Martin Giguère: Of course it is, lots of nice pictures, and nice colors!

DS: Favorite cash game player besides yourself?

Martin Giguère: Gotta go with takechip

DS: Favorite Movie?

Martin Giguère: Anchorman / Fight Club

DS: Favorite classic video game?

Martin Giguère: Damn tough one, gotta go with Tetris. Wait.. No forget it Pacman.

DS: Favorite poker Hand?

Martin Giguère: 23456 in 5 cards draw.

DS: Favorite possession?

Martin Giguère: brand new 52” LCD TV.

DS: Favorite song to grind to?

Martin Giguère: Taking Back Sunday – Great Romances of 20th Century

DS: Alright, final question, What do you see as your future with poker and life?

Martin Giguère: I seriously don’t have a clue about it and don’t want to plan anything. As long as I’m having fun I just don’t care.

DS: Alright, that’s it, thanks a lot!