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FlopTurnRiver has been serving the poker community with strategy articles, forums and many other resources for several years now, and many of our members have gone on to have great poker success stories. Recently, two of FTR’s most successful members have been spotted battling it out in high stakes heads-up action on PokerStars, with chips flying every which way as very talented players Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky and Rich “nutsinho” Lyndaker send the chips flying in all directions.

The two players both have undeniable poker prowess, and there’s no shortage of action when they square off. PokerStars has no shortage of high stakes tables, and the two certainly aren’t limiting themselves to one or two tables at a time as they battle it out heads-up. With the stakes as high as $50/$100 and neither player afraid to get the chips in the middle, there’s a whole lot of action for all you railbirds out there.

Sauce123 is a very valued contributor to the FlopTurnRiver forums, and recommends reading, reading and more reading as the way to get ahead in poker. Poker books, forum strategy posts and hand histories are all prescribed for any aspiring poker player, and as he’s up literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on PokerStars alone, his words are definitely to be heeded! He’s certainly a force to be reckoned with in any game online today, but he doesn’t consider himself a natural, rather feels he has learned and studied the game to achieve his current level of play. FlopTurnRiver did an exclusive interview with him some time ago, which can be found here.

Similarly, nutsinho is also an invaluable member of FTR, and his posts in threads in the strategy forum are taken nearly as definitive rulings on the best course of action in a given hand. The extremely talented player has a great track record in live tournaments and cash games, but surely feels the most at home on the online felt. It shows, too, as poker tracking websites have him up nearly $2 Million at PokerStars, a staggering feat for a guy who first got into poker playing $5 home games with friends. If you want to read more about his climb to success, FlopTurnRiver also has an exclusive interview with him here.

Both players are amazingly talented, and while they both thank FlopTurnRiver for its part in their success stories, FlopTurnRiver equally owes them a serious amount of gratitude for their awesome contributions over the years which have helped out more players than can be counted. Frankly, it’s tough to pick sides in this kind of situation, but with such exceptional poker being played on both their parts and chips flying everywhere it’s still great fun to watch.

If you’re looking to improve your own game, then why not start out the same way these two did? The FlopTurnRiver strategy forums are still alive and kicking with old posts and new, so you can be sure to benefit from the advice of a ton of great players, including the very two who are the subject of this article. It’s free, fun, and potentially very profitable, so sign up and join the community today!