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Don’t call it a comeback!

But we’re totally about to do just that. With their latest software update, Full Tilt Poker is seeking to revive a form of poker long considered to be dead. Ladies and Gentlemen, Draw is back.

As of now, there are five forms of this classic game available on the Full Tilt servers. Headlined by the ever-popular 5-Card Draw, the lineup also includes 2-7 Triple Draw, 2-7 Single Draw, A-5 Triple Draw and Badugi. Ring games and tournaments for each populate the current schedule, including a 10-game mixed tournament.

In what will likely be called their most groundbreaking update in months, Full Tilt has also improved several other aspects of their software. The Hand Replayer has seen dramatic improvements, as has their bonus management system. Players will also see an increase in FTP returns, all while enjoying increased ease of registration in both the ring game and sit and go arenas.

Taking a cue from elsewhere in the gaming industry, Full Tilt is adding a touch of customization to players’ avatars. Four special “Player Achievement Badges” are now available, obtainable by completing certain challenges within a given month. So far, players can trick out their avatar with a Rush Poker Badge, a Full Tilt Poker Academy Badge, an Iron Man Challenge Badge, or a True Poker Player Badge.

The company has also confirmed upcoming changes to their Black Card and Iron Man areas. FTPDoug, part of the Full Tilt management team, made the following comments in a forum post:

“I apologize in advance for the vagueness of what’s to follow, but I can’t give any real details just yet. We have decided on the first round of changes to both programs, and there is at least one change coming for each. Unfortunately, it’s likely the earliest we’ll see the changes is in January. December is possible for one of them, but there’s a decent chance it won’t be ready in time.

“While it’s pretty frustrating that I can’t say more than that, I thought it’d be better news to say that at least a couple of changes are coming than to say nothing at all. I can also say the changes are exclusively positive, and any players affected by the changes will only benefit.”

So, sounds as though there is interesting ground still to be broken at Full Tilt. Stay tuned for further updates.