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A month after PokerStars closed its doors to residents of the state of Washington, America’s second major poker service has removed the same names from their guest list.

Full Tilt Poker has announced that players operating within Washington borders are no longer eligible for seating at their real money tables. Visitors to the state will likewise be unable to obtain playing rights, regardless of their normal place of residence.

Those worried about losing their bankrolls need not be alarmed. Full Tilt has confirmed that no Washington accounts will be closed, nor will the money within be touched. Players may still access both the site’s real money tables and cash deposit/withdrawal options on internet connections originating from outside the state. One can expect, therefore, that there will be a high number of poker road trips being planned in North-West America over the next few months.

Unused tournament tickets and tournament dollars may also be converted into cash, pending proof of a player’s Washington residency. Those wishing to make such an exchange can contact for further information.

“Play money games will still be available for residents of Washington State,” says the company, “on both Full Tilt and Full Tilt [Users] may also play in most Freeroll tournaments, providing they do not award entry into a real-money tournament.”

At the end of their announcement, Full Tilt calls for those affected by the current ban to take action against the current state of the game:

“You can join the fight to keep poker legal by becoming a member of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), a non-profit membership organization comprised of online and offline poker players whose mission is to establish favorable laws that provide players with a safe and secure poker playing experience.

“We also encourage you to contact your local representatives in Washington State to make your feelings known.”