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Once again, Full Tilt Poker has gone out and raised the bar on the creativity of poker competition.  New to players are Full Tilt’s Matrix Tournaments.  Played just like a regular Sit & Go, the player sits down to compete against 8 other players, except they don’t just sit at one table.  They sit down at four tables, all against the same opponents!  Sure, you can be good enough to win a table once, but what about four times?

Players will compete for a prize pool at each of the four tables and an overall prize pool for the Matrix Tournament performance.  Payout for the overall performance is determined by the amount of Matrix points that are earned.  Points are earned at each of the four tables for either outlasting their opponents or taking them out.  They are known as Survival Points and Knockout Points, respectively.   At the conclusion of all four tables, the top three positions in Matrix points will receive their share of the Matrix prize pool, plus any portion of the individual tables’ prize pool they may have earned.

Win all four tables and you can be known as the Dominatrix!  Then you can lay claim to the each first place prize at the four tables and the whole Matrix prize pool.  You’ll get it all!

Matrix Tournaments can be found in Full Tilt’s Sit & Go lobby, either under the “All” or “Matrix” categories.  Matrix Tournaments will be marked with a “M” symbol to the left of the name.

In order to participate in a Matrix Tournament, you do need to be able to have five table windows open – one table for the Matrix Tournament Lobby, and one for each of the four tables.  It is wise to check to see if entering a Matrix Tournament would break your table limit, especially if you have several other tables going on at the same time.  If your table limit is currently too low for your liking, you can contact Full Tilt’s support and ask them to increase it.

If you don’t already have your account at Full Tilt Poker, it is best to get it signed up today!  Just click on any of the links throughout this article to get started.  Perhaps you could be a Full Tilt Dominatrix!