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Two weeks deep into April’s FTP Leaderboards and players are still floating up and down the leaderboard positions. I would doubt that any players feel secure with any of their positions at this point as there’s still two full weeks before prizes will be awarded for April. With the progression of this week and pushing into the second, players will soon feel the squeeze of a fast approaching finish. At that point these players will have hopefully amassed some decent chipleads to establish a dominant lead on other opponents, further making it harder for others to pass them up in the top ten.

Remember, FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the FTP Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the Full Tilt network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar. Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing. It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.

For a quick link to today’s full Leaderboard results (a whopping 250 recorded places) click here: April 15th Leaderboard Results.

Let’s take a look at today’s top ten:

Current April 15th Top Ten MTT Leaders:

1 PimpinDonks 10115.80
2 MoormanI 7131.90
3 eat da fish 6896.20
4 Rounder63 6890.00
5 xPEOPLES CHAMPx 6405.90
6 doomweed 6385.80
7 acumen53 6140.50
8 MclovinLovin 6015.40
9 USCphildo 6008.70
10 JMaster130 5856.80

PimpinDonks made a strong push for 1st place this week, climbing two places since April 8th’s 3rd position. Donks is still fairly new to the top ten world so we currently don’t have much information on him. Hopefully he’ll stick around in the months to come and offer some nice competition on this Full Tilt MTT Leaderboard. Ahh, anything is possible on the crazy MTT Leaderboards! MoormanI managed to climb an amazing 143 places to 2nd place in just under a week. Because his jump was probably due to a huge win we’ll have to see if he sticks around much longer, particularly in the next two weeks. eat da fish remains in the top ten this week and stepped it up to 3rd place from last week’s 9th.

It seems almost everyone is moving up in the leaderboard, but that can’t happen unless it’s at the expense of someone else! Rounder63 another player moving up in the world lands a spot in 4th place from last week’s 10th position. Did I mention anything is possible on this leaderboard? That’s right, xPEOPLES CHAMPx climbed all the way up to 5th place after not having any rank in the 250 recorded positions last week! Another amazing feat is doomweed’s rise to 6th from last week’s 140th place. Acumen53 slumped to 7th after sitting comfortably in 1st last week.

I can’t say for sure if it’s the same person, but USCphildo who is currently in 9th place on the Full Tilt MTT Leaderboard is also occupying 10th place on the PokerStars MTT Leaderboard. It will be interesting to see how this shapes up, and if he could be the first to score wins on both poker rooms.

Current April 15th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit:

1 phatchoy888 17561.60
2 time4sumakshun 17076.80
3 jeppg1111 14379.80
4 Mement_mori 14273.30
5 moneyinthebank1 14083.30
6 Saint Annie 11439.90
7 MGDOGG 9958.20
8 beanmo 9782.90
9 Hezballer 9162.90
10 adb235 7245.40

Demonstrating amazing consistency yet again, phatchoy888 comes in at 1st place for the 2nd week this month. Going out on a limb, phatchoy is the guy to beat this month. Close behind him is time4sumakshun, another great SNG player. These two players have probably seen more positions in the top ten each week than anyone else currently on the board. If anyone rises above phatchoy it’ll probably be time4sumakshun, moneyinthebank1, or beanmo, as these players have shown the most skill thus far.

jeppg1111 remains in 3rd place for the second week in a row while Mement_mori dropped to 4th place from last week’s 2nd position. moneyinthebank1 also stayed in place at 5th but managed to almost double his chipstack. A lot of players seem to have liked the places they occupied last week as they’re staying put into the new week. Saint Annie is in 6th again this week. The other notable position is beanmo in 8th place. Last week beanmo was in 7th, so he’s dropping in the ranks, but I wouldn’t count him out just yet as he definitely has the ability to steal 1st if he steps it up.

Current April 15th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit:

1 MajorPolk 6287.70
2 tcmwpti 5848.90
3 kokmus 5378.00
4 number1luckyone 5353.30
5 WPTfuji 4545.40
6 Aleatoris 4486.90
7 Dingens 4460.30
8 Peristeria 4115.70
9 einsammy 3648.10
10 ObvFish 3625.00

It looks like MajorPolk is dubbing this month as his so far as he sits in 1st place again this week. In my last Full Tilt Leaderboard article I mentioned how MajorPolk has spent a little time in the top ten but has never secured a top ten overall win for a month. Could this be his month to shine? Stick around for the next couple weeks to find out. Almost out of nowhere, tcmwpti rose to 2nd place from last week’s 15th, knocking number1luckyone down to 4th place. kokmus employed some of his skills allowing him to make a climb for 3rd place from last week’s 10th place. Last week I commented on how if there’s anyone MajorPolk would have to worry about it’s kokmus. Another week like this past one and kokmus will be sitting on top yet again with a comfortable chip lead.

WPTfuji, another player to be aware of stepped up one position to 5th place. We’ll keep an eye on him too as he’s likely to make a run for 1st in the next couple weeks as well. The last player who could be looked at as a solid threat to MajorPolk’s first victory is einsammy. einsammy didn’t hold a position in the top ten last week, but I still mentioned him as a player who has the skill and consistency level to do some amazing things on this low limit SNG leaderboard. ObvFish has been popping up here and there lately, and though he wasn’t in the top ten last week he landed 10th place so far this week.

Check back next week for more exciting Full Tilt Leaderboard action. With only two weeks left in the month competition is bound to heat up as players make a mad dash for 1st.