Full Tilt Poker has been quite creative this series, introducing all kinds of varieties of tournaments, with big-buyins and bigger payouts. Event #12 of FTOPS VIII fit that bill, as 961 players showed up for the $200+$16 No Limit Hold ‘Em tournament, with 1 rebuy and 1 add-on. Event #12 was hosted by Lee Watkinson, and originally featured a $300k guarantee, but the prize pool shot up to a respectable $455k, putting first place over $100k. If the creative tournament wasn’t enough to lure players to it, the payouts sure were.

The Full Tilt Pro with the best showing was Steve Brecher, who finished in 28th for $1,547.68. A bevy of tough players fell just short of the final table, including torkolort in 13th for $3,186.40, Tony “Cap’n Jackpot” Pisser in 15th, for $3,186.40, gboro780 coming in at 27th for $1,775.28, and lucky seven coming in 29th for $1,547.68.

However, this isn’t to say that some absolutely sick players didn’t make the final table. Shipitobv is better known as xxjondxx, and has been on a heck of a tear this year. Mr_BigQueso has been a force in the online tournament scene for the past year, and DaEvils is one of the best cash game players online, faring well at high stakes, and better known as Foxwoods Fiend.

Here were the stacks heading into the final table:

1. badbeatdrew: 777,202
2. Madame Maria: 731,968
3. Mr_BigQueso: 685,03
4. DERAJ21: 627,354
5. derdings: 541,618
6. BrandyBrandi: 488,221
7. DaEvils: 456,685
8. SBowkid: 313,846
9. shipitobv: 240,576

And here’s what they were playing for:

1st: $104,696
2nd: $66,004
3rd: $48,934
4th: $37,554
5th: $28,450
6th: $20,484
7th: $13,656
8th: $10,651.68
9th: $7,738.40

As we started off the final table, the blinds were at 10k/20k with a 2.5k ante. The players wasted no time, as a huge pot went down. It folded to Madame Maria in late position, who raised to 60k with 670k behind. Derdings was next to act, and shoved for 540k total. DaEvils called all in from the small blind for 454k total, and Maria folded. Derdings was in awful shape with pocket tens, vs. DaEvils pocket jacks. Derdings was left crippled, and busted out a few hands later in 9th, for $7,738.40.

With the blinds still at 10k/20k, Madame Maria raised from the hijack to 60k, and BrandyBrandi reraised to 180k. and Madame Maria shoved all in over the top after everyone else folded. Brandy had 370k behind, and called all in, with Maria covering by 120k or so. Maria showed QQ, while Brandy showed AK of hearts. Brandy jumped to the lead, flopping an ace, and never relinquishing the lead, while collecting the 1.1 million dollar pot.

Just a few hands later, MadameMaria got it in with her 100k stack in the big blind against DaEvils. DaEvils held 9T suited, while Maria held 67 suited. DaEvils held, and Madame Maria departed in 8th for $10,651.68.

The blinds were up to 12k/24k with a 3k ante, and this is when the players started dropping like flies. It folded to DaEvils who put shipitobv all in, with DaEvils in the small blind, and shipitobv in the big blind. Shipitobv made the call, with around 360k. DaEvils flipped up Q8, behind shipit’s A6. The flop was disaster, as DaEvils connected with the Q72 flop. The turn left ship drawing dead, as it was another queen. Ship exited in 7th, for $13,656.

With the same blinds, it folded to DaEvils in the cut off, who shoved his entire 1.8 million stack in, covering everyone ahead of him, as he was chip leader. Mr_BigQueso called all in from the big blind, for nearly 440k total, flipping up AQ, against the KT suited of DaEvils. The flop came down AK6, keeping Queso in the lead. The turn was a 5, maintaining the lead. However, the river was a heartbreaking ten, dispatching Mr_BigQueso in 6th place, leaving with $20,484.

The blinds moved up to 15k/30k with a 4k ante when the next elimination went down. DaEvils folded under the gun, and DERAJ21 moved in for 573k after him. SBowkid called all in for almost 307k behind him, and the other players folded. DERAJ held AK, while SBowkid held QK. The ace hi flop left SBowkid drawing thin, and he never caught up. He left in 5th place, for $28,450.

And this is when things got really, really interesting. Soon after doubling up badbeatdrew, BrandyBrandi moved all in for 420k. DaEvils moved all in from the button for 2.5 million, covering the table. Badbeatdrew called in after, with AK of clubs, creating the biggest pot of the tournament, as badbeatdrew had 1.2 million, creating a 3.1 million dollar pot. DaEvils flipped up AK of diamonds, while BrandyBrandi was in the lead with 66. The 535 flop with two diamonds created a huge sweat for the players involved, as DaEvils had a shot to not only take out Brandy’s 66, but crack badbeatdrew’s AK with his own AK. The turn 8 kept Brandy in the lead, but the river brought the sickening queen of diamonds, eliminating both BrandyBrandi, and badbeatdrew on a truly sick beat. BrandyBrandi left in 4th for $37,554, while badbeatdrew busted in 3rd for $48,934.

Considering the tone of the final table, it wasn’t surprising that heads-up didn’t last long. Play ended in the very first hand, as DaEvils moved his entire 4.36 million dollar stack in from the button, and DERAJ called all in from the big blind for 492k. DERAJ was out in front with KT, against DaEvils QJ. The AT8 flop helped maintain the lead for DERAJ, but DaEvils would win with any king, queen, jack, or 9. The turn paired with an eight, no help for either player. However, the river was a queen, sealing it for DaEvils, and giving him the victory. And that was it, with DERAJ21 busting in 2nd for $66,004, and DaEvils taking it all down for $104,696.

Congratulations to everyone who cashed, and keep posted to FTR Blogs as we cover the final events of FTOPS VIII!

Here is the entire list of everyone who cashed in FTOPS VIII Event #12.

Place      Player ID      $ Won
1     DaEvils     $104,696.00
2     DERAJ21     $66,004.00
3     badbeatdrew     $48,934.00
4     BrandyBrandi     $37,554.00
5     SBowkid     $28,450.00
6     Mr_BigQueso     $20,484.00
7     shipitobv     $13,656.00
8     Madame Maria     $10,651.68
9     derdings     $7,738.40
10     DurangoDan35     $4,324.40
11     McGuiler     $4,324.40
12     edgess     $4,324.40
13     torkolort     $3,186.40
14     kallemarx333     $3,186.40
15     Tony Pisser     $3,186.40
16     Gmflash     $2,276.00
17     madmax79     $2,276.00
18     pooli     $2,276.00
19     ScooopIT     $1,775.28
20     FULLMIKETILT     $1,775.28
21     urCHEKRAISE     $1,775.28
22     Dragunov86     $1,775.28
23     l__MCMK__l     $1,775.28
24     tek1337     $1,775.28
25     Rachel0226     $1,775.28
26     BegsClutch     $1,775.28
27     gboro780     $1,775.28
28     Steve Brecher     $1,547.68
29     lucky seven     $1,547.68
30     AHANNAHA     $1,547.68
31     likandoo     $1,547.68
32     DutchVinny     $1,547.68
33     Qcity     $1,547.68
34     Doctor_Fun     $1,547.68
35     colenel decker     $1,547.68
36     ssmith64     $1,547.68
37     FLYINGCBAR     $1,365.60
38     zippy525     $1,365.60
39     kasper74     $1,365.60
40     osnap14     $1,365.60
41     bd3109     $1,365.60
42     dapalma150     $1,365.60
43     GewissBallan     $1,365.60
44     adammc     $1,365.60
45     cmglive     $1,365.60
46     TRICKETT     $1,229.04
47     chico134     $1,229.04
48     jamesaday50     $1,229.04
49     ChuckSty     $1,229.04
50     MrDoggy     $1,229.04
51     tedsfishfry     $1,229.04
52     HouseLover     $1,229.04
53     Monster Kill     $1,229.04
54     PlayingTooHigh     $1,229.04
55     LeoRai     $1,092.48
56     mattster24     $1,092.48
57     pimenman     $1,092.48
58     DSnyder766     $1,092.48
59     Goldenboys     $1,092.48
60     hitthehole     $1,092.48
61     Basje     $1,092.48
62     Sonelin     $1,092.48
63     Kush789     $1,092.48
64     DC810     $1,001.44
65     jeansasson     $1,001.44
66     S_Dot111     $1,001.44
67     mildred53     $1,001.44
68     pokermageddon     $1,001.44
69     mscell     $1,001.44
70     cane3418     $1,001.44
71     kudos1017     $1,001.44
72     JOEYTHEB     $1,001.44
73     Sergei Berezin     $910.40
74     ojzknife     $910.40
75     OllO1     $910.40
76     NoBadBeatsPlz     $910.40
77     lastochka777     $910.40
78     lavoisier     $910.40
79     miAmihAns     $910.40
80     Tykoon35     $910.40
81     lilfishy897     $910.40
82     RREN     $819.36
83     dreedog     $819.36
84     Rounder63     $819.36
85     wazzockbot     $819.36
86     Demonfrost     $819.36
87     LEADBOOTS     $819.36
88     racehorse     $819.36
89     WHENTHUGSCRY     $819.36
90     2Loose2Good     $819.36