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As you well know FTOPS VIIII hosted by Full Tilt Poker just got over and it rocked just as hard as the past events. Today we’re taking a look at Event 13 over at Full Tilt, and the action was just as excellent as could be expected. There were 607 players in this event with a Buy In of $500 + $35 to yield a $303,500 prize pool. The winner of the event netted over 70 grand, nothing to joke around about to sum that up moderately. The top 64 of the event placed in the money and the lowest prize handed out was a hair over $1200!

The final table was pretty evenly matched. Entering that table in first was The Aviator1 with 540,309 chips. Second was FoldYouWont with 482,969 chips. Third was sweaterfree with 444,547 and fourth through eight places were thecomeup, larrygold, orbigearn, vetiver and magic aces. They were all solid players and magic aces was the certain short stack with only 4,532 chips. He went all in on the first hand and was subsequently taken out, but still received over $4,500 for the day.

When things went down to three we had the aviator1 in first with over 1.3 million chips, orbigearn in second with 892,806 and larrygold in third with 190,147. Orbigearn put larrygold all in and took him out, winning with ace deuce and making the match heads up. Things went on for a while after this and finally the aviator1 took orbingearn out with two pair. This netted the aviator1 a solid $70,381.65. A solid payoff for a lengthy match indeed!

With a long day of playing and a huge payoff for the aviator1 and some hefty sums for the rest of the people that placed I would say this FTOPS VIII was certainly a success. I’m glad Full Tilt is coming out and hosting events like this, it gets people out and playing and creates a lot of action that’s certainly fun to watch.

Here are the top 25 places in Event 13:

1 the aviator1 $70,381.65
2 OrBigEarn $46,283.75
3 larrygold $32,171.00
4 vetiver $20,638.00
5 foldyouwont $12,747.00
6 TheComeUp $8,801.50
7 sweaterfee $6,677.00
8 Magic Aces $4,552.50
9 aBoVeTheFoLd $3,186.75
10 dgang $3,186.75
11 Cre8ive $3,186.75
12 cookquay $3,186.75
13 Ponga80 $2,579.75
14 blkasp2 $2,579.75
15 Iwinulosehaha $2,579.75
16 resilient $2,579.75
17 hi3pnotic $2,185.20
18 MattEMenz $2,185.20
19 traction $2,185.20
20 DeuceBuster $2,185.20
21 m8675309a $2,185.20
22 iwntmymummy $2,185.20
23 Jeff Madsen $2,185.20
24 bigdisease $2,185.20
25 H0T P0CKET5 $1,881.70