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FTOPS VIII is here finally and the action was just as sweet in event four as the action was last year. We had over one thousand players turn out today, totaling in at one thousand and seventy six which generated $215,200 which was $15,200 over the guarantee. With a buy-in of $200 dollars, that wasn’t a hard feat to accomplish. The action all went down on May 9th and here are how things turned out. Taking first was something to shoot for here considering the winner was to take home $48,420 dollars.The final table started as follows: ralphie4, 1outallin, kenny rap, bonified, stellarcards, pimaster, emsbas, miss oldy and jumissa. Ralphie4 went into the final table with a huge chip lead of over 1.4 million, 3x that of the second seat player 1outallin.

When things were narrowed down to three we had EMSBas, StellarCards and Kenny Rap left to fight things out. EMSBas lead the table with over $1.3 million in chips while Kenny Rap was in second with a hair over $1 million. StellarCards was the underdog with just $470,174. Kenny Rap went out on KA against a pocket pair of Queens from EMSBas. EMSBas ended up winning the tournament and took home the $48,000.

Here’s the top 25:

1 EMSBas $48,420.00
2 StellarCards $30,666.00
3 Kenny Rap $22,703.60
4 MissOldy $17,754.00
5 Ralphie4 $13,450.00
6 1OutAllIn $9,684.00
7 PiMaster $6,456.00
8 Bonified $4,842.00
9 jumissa $3,443.20
10 Heat Rock Holla $1,936.80
11 Cougars4444 $1,936.80
12 This is Skills $1,936.80
13 THAY3R $1,420.32
14 00BigBoy00 $1,420.32
15 JeanvalJean95 $1,420.32
16 KingFish83 $989.92
17 Plata $989.92
18 Gilly76 $989.92
19 basti-rocks $785.48
20 nicksqua $785.48
21 Drood $785.48
22 thaaxis $785.48
23 xxWADExx $785.48
24 Lezardino $785.48
25 Thurobred22 $785.48

I’m glad to see FTOPS VIII Event 4 went well this year and look forward to more FTOPS events in the future. This year there was more then $10 million in guaranteed prize money and hopefully even more money will be given out the next time around. I hope you enjoyed this year’s FTOPS, I know I’m enjoying all of the action we’re seeing so far!