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FTOPS VIII is underway again and continuing this series is Event #5 out of the 24 scheduled events.  Event 5 was a Stud H/L – Limit game hosted by the young Full-Tilt pro, Jeff Madson.  Though other events have attracted a larger number of players, a healthy prize pool of $129,000 was created through the 645 registered players and the crisp, yet affordable, $200 buy-in. Out of the prize pool, First Place was announced to be a generous $27,735.

Coming into the Final Table chip counts were spread thin among the 8 deserving players who made it, giving VoguePergola about a 2/1 chip lead over Fan4mizzou who sat in 2nd.  Chip counts at the start of the Final Table are as follows:

voguepergola – 636,765
fan4mizzou – 378,020
dman13 – 271,812
nimbus – 239,814
sillylife – 164,759
i_wishbear – 108,874
berry johnston – 100,272
solohomer – 34,684

SoloHomer had to have been happy to just be part of the Final Table with just 34,684 in chips.  He would need to come out on top of a couple all-in hands to have any hope of taking down 1st place.

The action started at the 12,000/24,000 limit with a 2,000 ante.  To start the action every pot began with 16,000.  Right away in the first hand of the Final Table, solohomer was dealt the low card (5d) and reluctantly brought it in for an additional 4,000.  With two callers, fan4mizzou and I_wishbear, it was solohomer who hit the best looking hand on the turn with 5,7 of diamonds.  I_wishbear and solohomer checked it down to fan4mizzou to made a continuation bet of 12,000.  I_wishbear folds to his bet and solo check-raised all-in showing a pair of nines.  Unfortunately for him he was up against fan4mizzou’s pair of Queens.  On 5th street, his Queens improved to Queens and Sevens.  On 6th street solohomer paired fours giving him a pair of nines and a pair of fours but in the end it was fan4mizzou’s Queens and Sevens which would win over the pot and send solohomer packing for home in 8th place.  Solo’s 8th place win sent him home with roughly $1,800.

Before they knew it the blinds had made their way to 15,000 and 30,000 with 2,500 antes. fan4mizzou brought it in for 5,000 showing 3h and the chipleader, voguepergola, completed the bet for 15,000 showing his Qs.  dman13 took his time and eventually called showing a 5 of diamonds.  fan4mizzou called as well and paired his 3 quickly followed by a check.  Vogueperoga hitting KQs bet 15,000 and was called by dman13 and his better looking 25 of diamonds.  fan got out of the way leaving this hand heads up on 5th street.  With an Ace of clubs on 5th street dman13 check raised vogue’s QKJ to 60,000 to find vogue calling his raise.  6th street offered no helpfull looking cards for either player but dman bet out another 30k and voguepergola called.  Again on the river dman13 bet out another 30,000 and was called.  dman then showed his three of a kind fives to scoop up the 302,500 pot.

Another classic voguepergola and fan4mizzou battle took place as these players found themselves heads up in a hand requiring 20,000 and 40,000 blinds.  On 4th street both players made a pair giving voguepergola Aces and fan4mizzou Fives.  Voguepergola fired out 20,000 only to be raised to 40,000 by mizzou and his Fives.  vogue calls his raise, hits a King on 5th street and immediately fires out another bet of 40,000 this time.  fan4mizzou wasn’t going to be intimidated and raised vogue’s bet yet again, this time to 80,000 showing a 3 on 5th street.  On 6th street mizzou pushed all in with his 32,766 left in chips and was called by vogue.  It was Queens and Fives against Aces and Kings and without a low draw, fan4mizzou was eliminated from this event in 7th place.

I_wishbear was next to leave in 6th place giving his chips to voguepergola once again.  Voguepergola took down this hand with split Kings against I_wishbear’s split Sixes with his last 3 consecutive high cards to finish off this hand.

With the blinds unchanged sillylife pushed all in with a three straight and a low draw to find nimbus calling with split Jacks.  On 4th street sillylife paired his Eights but it wasn’t enough to win the hand as nimbus rivered Jacks and Nines.  Sillylife was eliminated in 5th place netting him over $5,000.

The next important hand of this event Berry Johnston went all in with the 45,000 chips he had left and found himself two callers, voguepergola and dman13, creating a side pot for their two competing hands.  After more chips had been thrown into the pot it was dman13 who won the hand with Nines and Sixes, sending Berry Johnston out the door in 4th place.   Next it was nimbus who was sent home in 3rd place under voguepergola’s Kings and Nines as he could not make a low with his pair of Threes.

voguepergola won over almost all of dman13’s chips in the next with a 6 high straight leaving him with only 105,566 to vogue’s 1,829,434 chips.  The very next hand dman pushed all in with his crippled stack and hit a pair of Kings and a gut shot straight draw.  It was voguepergola and his trip threes that eventually improved to a full house that took down the pot and the entire event for a 1st place win!

All the paid positions are in order as follows:

1      voguepergola      $27,735.00
2     dman13     $19,092.00
3     nimbus     $12,964.50
4     Berry Johnston     $8,385.00
5     sillylife     $5,289.00
6     I_wishbear     $3,741.00
7     fan4mizzou     $2,709.00
8     solohomer     $1,818.90
9     ubetchaimafish     $1,290.00
10     KevinSheedy     $1,290.00
11     THAY3R     $1,290.00
12     ThePlayer10     $1,290.00
13     ROLEX22     $1,057.80
14     sweaty40     $1,057.80
15     Comengetme     $1,057.80
16     fishhawker     $1,057.80
17     CalBandGreat     $877.20
18     Jammin_Vibes     $877.20
19     mj232324     $877.20
20     FOsubliminaLD     $877.20
21     acumen53     $877.20
22     bucs1fan123     $877.20
23     PokerBB01     $877.20
24     booya24     $877.20
25     cabreton     $748.20
26     orajel     $748.20
27     Nickeman     $748.20
28     9thDragon     $748.20
29     mylo     $748.20
30     Drow     $748.20
31     Drood     $748.20
32     G U 1 D O     $748.20
33     Grazer     $645.00
34     predator06     $645.00
35     SlyTony     $645.00
36     Jaypahhee     $645.00
37     YOUNG_GUNZ1987     $645.00
38     2DogsHumpin     $645.00
39     Jaysick88     $645.00
40     Phillyho     $645.00
41     0madison7     $567.60
42     10_2CLUBS     $567.60
43     dOwnosaur     $567.60
44     Jacksy7     $567.60
45     bigbluecoach     $567.60
46     Harmin     $567.60
47     waterfall47     $567.60
48     Eye_0fTh3_Storm     $567.60
49     Rex55     $516.00
50     sl22795     $516.00
51     speedracer75     $516.00
52     007DUMAZZ     $516.00
53     P0HA     $516.00
54     zippy525     $516.00
55     looshle     $516.00
56     Razztafarian     $516.00
57     lukekim     $477.30
58     MooMickey     $477.30
59     luckbox     $477.30
60     Specialkmaster     $477.30
61     LudiMagister     $477.30
62     DimJarnaby35     $477.30
63     mharder4     $477.30
64     Magic Aces     $477.30
65     theuglypig     $451.50
66     Pipestizzle     $451.50
67     aBoVeTheFoLd     $451.50
68     MiamiHawk99     $451.50
69     JB Chop     $451.50
70     Ormer     $451.50
71     mjj864579     $451.50
72     Jeczema     $451.50
73     pycb     $451.50
74     Two Stroke     $451.50
75     zurswierding     $451.50
76     bagopoop     $451.50
77     3347969     $451.50
78     PiMaster     $451.50
79     cane3418     $451.50
80     mischiefofmagic     $451.50