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This week Full Tilt Poker announced an exciting new way to play online poker tournaments. With the release of Flipout Tournaments players will be able to cut out lengthy pre-bubble play and get into the heart of the action. Sarne Lightman, Full Tilt Poker’s Head of Marketing, commented on the changes saying “Flipouts are a game changer – literally unlike any other online poker tournament. Perfect for the time-poor player who wants to jump straight to the post-bubble action with a stack and blind levels that give them plenty of play.”

Players will automatically go all in during the first round of a Flipout Tournament. This will mean that players who make it into the money are able to get there much faster than ever before. The winners from each table will move on to the next round straight away while the remaining players will be reseated and continue the tournament with standard betting structure. Try it out for yourself HERE!


To kick things off with a bang, Full Tilt Poker has a four day Flipout Festival with $25,000 in added cash and prizes to give away. The Festival kicks off Friday March 21st and features 108 tournaments across 12 events; each event features a range of buy-ins, starting with a freeroll, and players can win added cash and prizes on top of their share of the prize money in every tournament.

With things getting started on Friday 21st March it will be great to see how well received this new format is. Lightman also added. “This will be great for players who want more final-table experience playing for bigger money than if they just played a nine-handed sit-n-go.”

So for players who lose the flip what’s the best advice? Sarne Lightman has some advice to get you started. “The only real downside to Flipouts that I can think of is how often you won’t make it past the flip round. If I was playing these (and I’m sad I can’t), I’d probably drop down a couple of stake levels and just play a bunch of them until I made it through.”

So what do you think of the new Flipout Tournaments? Leave us a comment or discuss it on the forum to share your experience with this new online tournament format. And don’t forget to join in the action HERE!