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Most poker players enjoy multi-tabling to get a larger number of hands played per hour. Some grinders have been known to play up to 24 tables to play the most number of hands per hour. Full Tilt Poker introduces Rush Poker, the newest method of increasing your hands per hour. What is Rush Poker?

Rush Poker is the newest innovation from Team Full Tilt. By playing Rush Poker, your hands per hour will skyrocket. By joining a Rush Poker table, players are put into a pool with other Rush Poker players. Every time a player chooses to join a Rush Poker table, they will post a big blind. As at any other poker table, the player is dealt two preflop cards and they will decide whether to continue with these two cards or fold them. Here is where the fun of Rush Poker comes to play. When the action comes around, the player will press “Fold.” Instead of watching the rest of the hand play out, he is quickly escorted to a new table and is dealt new hole cards. However, players don’t even need to wait for the action to go around to them! At any point in the hand, players can press “Quick Fold,” be taken to a new table, and be dealt hole cards again. Players at the table will not know you folded until the action has reached you.

This new approach to internet poker allows players to play more hands in a smaller amount of time. Rush Poker tables (currently open) average more than 300 hands per hour! Additionally, players can multi-table for even more hands per hour! New tables are generated at random. The big blind is assigned to whoever has gone the longest without paying the big blind (if there is a tie, the big blind will be randomly assigned to one of the players in the tie). All other positions (including the small blind and the button) will be assigned randomly. The amount of time given to act in hand will remain the same as in standard tables. And last, but certainly not least, Rush Poker tables earn Full Tilt Points in the same way as other poker tables. This means more Full Tilt Points (and rakeback for some of you) per hour!

Play Full Tilt’s new high-speed poker game: Rush Poker. It is definitely the coolest and most unique thing to hit internet poker in a long time. If you aren’t a member of Full Tilt Poker, join today! You will not be disappointed!