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As those who’ve opened their Full Tilt client within the last week well know, the company has posted another update to their software. While no major changes have been implemented, there are several notable alterations which improve the quality of their games.

Here’s a breakdown, courtesy of FTPDOUG on the TwoPlusTwo forums:

Private Tournaments

Players who have earned up to 100 “base” FTPs over the lifetime of their account can now take advantage of a new automated system which will assist in creating private tournaments. The option can be found under the “Requests” menu.

Ring Game Tickets

Both the FTP and Iron Man Stores will now be selling ring game tickets, which work almost identically to their popular tournament cousins. They can be purchased in denominations ranging from $10 to $200 and can be utilized in all manner of ring games.

Options Menu

Full Tilt has performed a little spring cleaning, reorganizing their menu bars. FTPDoug states that the “Options” area has seen the most change, but that everything will still be easy to find. The new design is supposed to reflect a greater degree of intuitiveness.

Custom Bet Buttons

Now this is a valuable addition. Full Tilt now allows users to customize the amounts posted on their three betting buttons. Pre-flop and post-flop settings are available for all Pot Limit and No Limit games.

Pro Bounty Change for METs

The company has reduced the maximum bounty on pro’s in in multi entry tournaments, bringing the reward down to $50.

Rush it Twice

Rush players now have the option to run the board twice for all games at $1/$2 or above.

Android Security Tokens

This is supposed to ease the trials of mobile poker players, but reviews posted on the Full Tilt site have claimed a lack of functionality. Check back in the future for a resolution.

Account History

Players can now get a history of their entire account, simply by checking under the “Requests” menu.