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Last week I explained a little bit about Full-Tilt’s Leaderboards. For those who would like to take a look for themselves, the leaderboards can be found at FTP Leaderboards. Scroll to the bottom of the page under Full Tilt Player Count and Leaderboards, and you can select a day on the calendar to view the leaderboards for that day. They can also be found on Full Tilt’s own website. Last week I listed the top ten winners in November for MTT, SNG high limit, and SNG low limit. This will be the first week I take a look at current board leaders to see where everyone measures up. Even though December is nearing its end, it should be interesting to see which players have enough luck and skill to hold their places to take down a win.

Current December 26th Top Ten MTT Leaders

1. MuckMuckMcGup (12,137.75 chips)
2. FrankJones (11,204.06 chips)
3. WeirdThing (11,165.14 chips)
4. Pimpnuho (11,022.68 chips)
5. tommyboy1951 (9,908.07 chips)
6. JaspudUF (7,993.81 chips)
7. SABAKABARABAKA (7,982.55 chips)
8. The Vuk (7,883.01 chips)
9. USCphildo (7,795.04 chips)
10. Claw1980 (7,724.07 chips)

Out of the current ten board leaders, only one has showed good consistency over the last month. The only familiar player in the top ten is Pimpnuho, who placed 2nd overall in the month of November with 12,905.57 chips, pulling in a $500+Entry win. The overall winner for November (allinstevie) has appeared to drop off the face of the earth and hasn’t even found a home in the top 250 MTT Leaders. November’s 3rd place winner, PUreRanDOm, is currently in 225th place in the last week of competition; far from the bar he set last month.

Current December 26th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit

1. JohnyCashOut2 (32,910.40 chips)
2. HoytCorkins5 (24,223.00 chips)
3. phatchoy888 (15,202.30 chips)
4. Whitesnake1 (14,021.60 chips)
5. wildjoker321 (12,632.90 chips)
6. beanmo (12,605.10 chips)
7. dogscratch (11,524.90 chips)
8. dmmikkel (11,259.10 chips)
9. ONE_BE_ONE (10,818.70 chips)
10. LuckboxFromHell (10,106.20 chips)

Here’s the consistency I like to see. These players are engaged in some real juicy competition whether they realize it or not. JohnyCashOut2 and HoytCorkins5 are in a head to head battle for 1st place and have managed to swap places since last month’s winnings, still holding the top two places. z32fanatic, the 3rd place winner in November has made a dramatic drop to 59th place with 5,000 chips compared to last month’s 19,000.

Last month, LuckboxFromHell held 4th place for a win. Currently, Luckbox is in 10th place fighting to stay on board. Whitesnake1 and dogscratch are showing decent consistency hovering around the same places as last month.

Current December 26th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit

1. Rebellz (10,485.60 chips)
2. einsammy (9,989.60 chips)
3. EZ_baller (9,523.80 chips)
4. bethwolf22 (9,306.40 chips)
5. happygabita (9,256.70 chips)
6. Arngrim (8,981.20 chips)
7. WPTfuji (8,807.90 chips)
8. Lucid75 (6,965.40 chips)
9. the bumwheel (6,169.60 chips)
10. Soul Coughing (6,061.70 chips)

Since last month, Rebellz has managed to move up in the ranks to 1st place from 5th, booting ChaVtheGrinDeR (last month’s 1st place winner) clear off the 250 recorded places. EZ_baller has pulled in about 2,000 less chips than last month but is still holding strong and consistent at 3rd place so far. WPTfuji has so far moved up a rank to 7th place from last month’s 8th place finish. Last but not least, Soul Coughing has dropped a place since last month down to 10th place, but has remained a part of the top ten leaders nonetheless.

Overall, the MTT Leaderboard has proven to be a bit more sporadic than both the SNG Leaderboards. There are far more familiar names reappearing on the SNG boards and therefore it’s a lot more fun to compare and analyze its competition. Either way, I give props to all those who have so far reappeared in the top ten.