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We’re half way through with February and we’re already waist deep in action over at the Full Tilt Leaderboards. It has been an exciting week for these leaderboards and Full Tilt Poker has done its part to bring a lot of players together to make things happen, especially on the MTT board.

The MTT leaderboard has a whole heap of new players dominating the top ten; Reasons of which we will get into shortly. Both SNG boards have brought along several recognizable names from last week, but not short of any action. We’ve got a lot to talk about this week so let’s jump right into it!

Check out the full FTP leaderboard results archived on located here: February 12th Leaderboards.

Current February 12th Top Ten MTT Leaders

1. Erick Lindgren (9,490.80 chips)
2. cashmaker81 (8,169.30 chips)
3. gautchos (8,100.60 chips)
4. The Yid (6,825.30 chips)
5. Sleepy_Hippo (6,597.10 chips)
6. pleace (5,771.40 chips)
7. augie00 (5,693.90 chips)
8. Kochan (5,672.70 chips)
9. fish_lovr (5,607.30 chips)
10. gettin deep (5,294.70 chips)

I’m excited to see what will come of the MTT leaderboard in the next couple weeks. There are just over two weeks left until everyone’s slate is wiped clean and the month of March ushers in a brand new leaderboard. The current top ten seems so foreign to me considering there are only 3 players from last week remaining. Last week I wrote about how the top ten had almost all new people that I didn’t recognize. Now, only a week later it seems like a different board completely, yet again.

Over the course of this past week the FTOPS VII went underway. These events at Full Tilt Poker generated a lot of publicity and brought a lot of players out of the woodwork. Our current MTT 1st place holder is poker professional, Erick Lindgren. Event 9 of the FTOPS was their biggest event yet, with a prize pool of $1,691,100 and 5,637 registered players. It shouldn’t be very difficult to guess who took first place in the event. Erick Lindgren took down first place in this massive no limit hold’em tournament. Interestingly enough, Lindgren also happened to be the host for this event. Our current 2nd placeholder is cashmaker81. Cashmaker81 also placed in the money for Event 9 in FTOPS VII at 655th place. He placed in the money at 655th place? Yes, in fact 738 places were paid in this event!

Not only did Cashmaker81 place in event 9, he also dominated event 1 and took home a 1st place win. His 1st place win for this event paid out a healthy $183,526.78 to his account and is essentially what put him in the top ten of the leaderboard this week. Cashmaker is definitely deserving of 2nd place as he’s proven himself to be skilled in the art of poker.

Gautchos, our current 3rd place winner also dominated an event in the FTOPS. In event 10, gautchos settled for nothing less than first place, putting him in 3rd place overall in the leaderboards. The Yid managed to secure 4th place for the week without having placed in the money at any of these events. Directly below him, Sleepy Hippo pulled in a 1st place victory in event 8.

The point is, you should never underestimate what one multi-table tournament win can do for your standings on the Full Tilt Leaderboards. A lot of the players on the current top ten won events during the FTOPS and if you include players that placed in the money for these events as well, the whole top ten is comprised of players who participated in the FTOPS. Pleace, getting deep and The Yid are the only returning contenders from last week. That being said, they all participated in the FTOPS and placed in the money along with everyone else.

Current February 12th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit

1. Jonathan Little (32,733.20 chips)
2. JohnyCashOut2 (11,758.80 chips)
3. Whitesnake1 (11,614.10 chips)
4. Billy Ripken (11,348.40 chips)
5. UpTheMariners (10,252.30 chips)
6. jdpc27 (9,971.10 chips)
7. Mement_mori (9,421.30 chips)
8. moneyinthebank1 (9,417.90 chips)
9. time4sumakshun (8,644.10 chips)
10. beanmo (8,561.90 chips)

The high limit SNG leaderboard top ten is still showing a lot of the same great players that consistently place each month. Jonathan Little and JohnyCashOut2 are once again the top two contenders and it comes as no surprise. Each week it boils down to one question – Which of the two will be in the number one spot today? Usually they’re pretty close in relation to their chip stacks and it’s really uncertain who will pull ahead of the other in the coming week. This week is different though, as Jonathan Little outperformed JohnyCashOut2 3:1 in the chip stacks. Jonathan Little has established a substantial lead and it will take more than your “average Joe” level of playing to catch up to him. It’ll either take a lot of luck, or for someone to employ a lot of skill in order to steal 1st place from Jonathan in the coming weeks.

The consistency doesn’t stop with the first two places, as Whitesnake1 remains in the top ten for another week sitting in precisely the same spot as last week. These three players are a force to be reckoned with and have shown it will take a lot to pass them up in the boards. Whitesnake1 has a tendency to slide around the board a bit, but he’s always there somewhere nonetheless. Will he hold on a little while longer and finally clinch a 3rd place win? We’ll find out soon.

UpTheMariners has slid down a place to 5th for the week. Had he remained in 4th place the top four would have been unchanged from last week, truly showing who’s striving to be the best. It was Billy Ripken who seemingly came out of nowhere to steal 4th place from UpTheMariners. There is no record of Billy, so there’s no telling what type of skills he’s got or if he has any hope of lasting in the top ten till the end of the month. Only time will tell, and I’ll be here a couple weeks from now to find out!

I’ve talked a lot about the first 5 players in this week’s top ten. Players 6-10 are noteworthy as well because they’re all great consistent players. These players return weekly to impress the rest remaining within the top ten. Actually, none of these players could be found in the top ten last week as several newer faces were occupying the space. My consistent players couldn’t be held down for long, and they’ve all returned this week, knocking all the new names right off the board. Even though they’re currently on the bottom end, they’ve proven they have what it takes to rise to the top and there’s a lot of time left for them to shine.

Current February 12th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit

1. 1luckysOOner (6,592.20 chips)
2. bedsore (5,390.90 chips)
3. Arngrim (3,750.50 chips)
4. docholiday470 (3,731.20 chips)
5. notmeitsu (3,653.80 chips)
6. NotBlessed (3,433.60 chips)
7. moneyforrent (3,340.50 chips)
8. antzzor (2,969.50 chips)
9. WPTfuji (2,955.50 chips)
10. ObvFish (2,952.20 chips)

1luckysOOner held on tight to his 1st place for the week and increased his chip stack by 4,000, a somewhat healthy lead of 1,000 above our 2nd placeholder, bedsore. Bedsore stepped up his game in the past week and increased his standing by one place, taking him from 3rd to 2nd. This move slashed last week’s 2nd place player SpankyMac right off the top ten. In fact, SpankyMac can’t even be found in the 250 recorded places on the FTP low limit SNG leaderboard. It seems Spanky had a lucky week, but that’s not enough to keep a spot in the top ten.

Amgrim, our current 3rd place player climbed up a couple places from last week’s 5th. Amgrim’s climb bumped NotBlessed down to 6th from last week’s 4th place. Moneyforrent (7th place) is a name I recognize from past leaderboard analysis, but he hasn’t really done anything to prove himself. I would go so far as to say he’s a better than average player because I do see his name reoccurring, but I want to see a substantial accomplishment before I give him too much credit. WPTfuji on the other hand is currently sitting in 10th place but who knows for how long. Fuji has shown that he has the ability to make it to the top, but in order to do so he’s got to keep on top of his game. WPTfuji is a great player, but right now just has a little too much variation to stay fully consistent.

Things have been kept interesting on the boards this week, partly due to the FTOPS VII. The events that have already taken place for FTOPS have really spiced up the MTT leaderboard, and I love it! No matter the reason, I like to see a lot of new action on the boards each week as it keeps things exciting. As I’ve mentioned before, if any members of Flop Turn River can be found in ANY of the 250 recorded places for the three FTP Leaderboards I’d like to know about it. Whether they’re in the top ten, or in 249th place, I’ll be sure to mention them in the analysis!