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It’s been a pretty straight forward week as far as the FTP Leaderboards are concerned. Nothing overly exciting has occurred over the course of the week, but it hasn’t been exactly dull either. A couple Full Tilt Pros are occupying spaces on both the MTT leaderboard and high limit SNG leaderboard today and it’s kicked a few of the more mediocre players off the top ten altogether.

I’m looking forward to the start of March so we can see who prevails in this month long battle. It’s always interesting to see which players remain in the top ten at the end of the month to take home some nice prizes and it’s also a bit frustrating wishing it were you instead!

Check out the full FTP leaderboard results archived on located here: February 19th Leaderboards.

Let’s take a look at the action:

Current February 12th Top Ten MTT Leaders

1. Reverse (11,746.40 chips)
2. The Yid (10,371.10 chips)
3. Erick Lindgren (10,232.50 chips)
4. PearlJammed (9,511.00 chips)
5. cashmaker81 (9,230.60 chips)
6. Merrito (9,209.30 chips)
7. YoungSupremacy (8,922.40 chips)
8. csimmsux (8,651.90 chips)
9. gautchos (8,261.40 chips)
10. tommyboy1951 (8,171.10 chips)

Erick Lindgren, our pro poker player from last week who was in a comfortable 1st place has fallen to 3rd over the course of the last 7 days. We all know what Lindgren is capable of, and in no way does he need to prove himself. Nevertheless, he’ll have to step up his game a bit to compete with these other great players on the Full Tilt MTT Leaderboard. The majority of Lindgren’s chips last week were due to one tournament placing. That being said, seeing less than a 1,000 increase in chips is far from impressive.

It is Reverse who landed 1st place this week, a name I’m unfamiliar with on the MTT board. Reverse likely achieved his chip stack in the same manner as Lindgren because last week he couldn’t even be found on the leaderboard at all. I wouldn’t expect Reverse to last long in the 1st place throne as there are too many other deserving and proven players gunning for the spot. The more and more I see his name, the more credibility he’ll gain.

I like seeing The Yid in 2nd place this week. He has popped in and out of the top ten here and there and he can definitely be looked at as a contender, but he’s been struggling among the likes of greater players. I don’t expect him to last all that long either though, especially with players like Lindgren and PearlJammed chasing his tail. Cashmaker81 who sat in 2nd place last week has fallen a few places to 5th overall, right along with Lindgren.

The players from the bottom half of last week’s top ten (5-10) have all dropped from the list as we look at the current leaders. Only the stronger half prevailed as new players rose from the depths of the leaderboard.

Current February 12th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit

1. Jonathan Little (51,571.40 chips)
2. Whitesnake1 (18,876.80 chips)
3. Billy Ripken (16,729.80 chips)
4. Mement_mori (15,845.60 chips)
5. time4sumakshun (15,649.30 chips)
6. JohnyCashOut2 (14,928.30 chips)
7. beanmo (14,899.80 chips)
8. UpTheMariners (14,031.20 chips)
9. Thomas Bihl (13,955.90 chips)
10. moneyinthebank1 (12,691.80 chips)

It comes as no surprise that Jonathan Little is still in first place. Last week he had a massive chip lead of 3:1 on his next closest opponent, JohnyCashOut2. Jonathan Little made yet another giant leap in chips this week and increased his stack by roughly 19,000 chips. Little has continued to impress me and although I’m enjoying his success, I’m sure he loves it even more! His increase in chips from last week alone is more than our 2nd place holder’s entire chip stack.

JohnyCashOut2 is falling in the ranks; something I haven’t seen of him yet. He has proven to be one of the most, if not the most consistent high stakes SNG player on Full Tilt. I haven’t lost all faith in Johny quite yet, though. He has over a week to get back on track and climb the board to a more suitable place. I don’t think he has the umph to surpass Jonathan Little this month, but he’s definitely got the skills to sail right up next to him.

Whitesnake1 is another one of those players that likes to float up and down the leaderboard. One week you may find him near the top of the board and other weeks he may not even be found in the top ten. More often than not though, he can be found in the top ten; you just never know where. This week he’s in 2nd place with roughly 2k more in chips than 3rd place holder, Billy Ripken. It’s just too early to make any predictions about Whitesnake1 so we’ll leave that alone till next week. The only other new addition to our high limit SNG leaderboard is Full Tilt pro Thomas Bihl who currently sits at 9th place.

There are currently two Full Tilt Pros occupying top ten leaderboard space, Jonathan Little in 1st, and Thomas Bihl who is again in 9th place.

Current February 12th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit

1. bedsore (9,085.10 chips)
2. 1luckysOOner (7,912.20 chips)
3. killa_poker10 (6,011.60 chips)
4. Pulsatilla (5,983.10 chips)
5. docholiday470 (5,817.80 chips)
6. Arngrim (5,675.30 chips)
7. moneyforrent (5,180.40 chips)
8. kokmus (4,736.60 chips)
9. antzzor (4,690.50 chips)
10. ObvFish (4,683.80 chips)

Bedsore has taken the lead this week, pushing 1luckysOOner down a spot to 2nd place on the leaderboards. For the previous two weeks 1lucky has held his number one spot tightly and was on his way to an overall win, but bedsore’s play can’t be ignored as he advanced with over 1k more chips than 1lucky. It’s far too early to count lucky out though, and he’s proven his abilities in the past – this is still a fight.

Arngrim who sat in 3rd place last week has fallen to 6th, and still managed to acquire 2,000 more chips to his stack. This goes to show you how much harder everyone at the bottom is working at raising their rank. killa_poker10 currently holds 3rd place. Last week he wasn’t in the top ten, but he wasn’t far off as he sat in 12th place. From 12th to 3rd is pretty impressive for a week’s time, so we’ll see where the end of the month takes him.

Others, like moneyforrent, and ObvFish have held their same spots in 7th and 10th, respectively. WPTfuji, who has shown quite a bit of heart this month, has fallen from last week’s 9th place right off the top ten to 16th place. Though he may not share the same level of skill as others, he definitely has some, and I wouldn’t be very surprised to see him back in the top ten next week.

Well there you have it, this week’s FTP Leaderboard analysis. The next couple weeks will be crucial, so be sure to check back and find out who’ll wind up on top. And remember to have a look at FTR’s archives for the complete listing of FTP leaderboard standings!