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We’re looking at less than a week before the February Full Tilt Leaderboards are finalized and we’re looking at a new batch of winners. The New Year has brought with it a couple great and exciting months as far as leaderboards are concerned, and they’re bound to continue that way. Players have been up and down and can’t quite figure out which direction they’d like to head in. That type of variability makes for a bit of an unpredictable outcome. I, for one, enjoy being surprised. So bring it on Full Tilters, let’s see what you’ve got.

Remember to check out the full FTP leaderboard results archived on for complete listings.

Let’s take a look at this week’s results:

Current February 26th Top Ten MTT Leaders

1. The Yid (15,936.40 chips)
2. tommyboy1951 (12,161.10 chips)
3. Reverse (11,772.80 chips)
4. PearlJammed (11,627.40 chips)
5. YoungSupremacy (11,437.80 chips)
6. bparis (10,984.80 chips)
7. Erick Lindgren (10,232.50 chips)
8. Merrito (10,110.60 chips)
9. Aron F Jenks (10,039.20 chips)
10. hellraiser88 (9,583.50 chips)

Our FTP Pro who was favored to win after taking down 1st place in the very event he hosted during the FTOPS series is still dropping this week; Sitting in 7th place is Erick Lindgren. Lindgren hasn’t placed in the money for over a week, causing him to make a drastic drop from 1st to 7th overall. Our other FTP Pro, PearlJammed has managed to secure his 4th place rank into this new week and I expect he’ll continue to hold onto a place in the top ten through the end of February.

Our last week’s 1st place holder Reverse dropped two places to 3rd while at the same time The Yid climbed up a spot to 1st place for the week. Last week I commented on how I didn’t expect The Yid to last all that long among these other tough competitors but it seems he’s out to prove me wrong as it looks as if he’ll remain in the top ten by February’s end.

Last week tommyboy1951 could be found in 10th place, just barely holding a place in the top ten. It’s a whole new story this week as he rises to top of the board in 2nd place overall. These players must sense the urgency as this month comes to a close because many of them have really stepped up a notch.

Current February 26th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit

1. Jonathan Little (67,846.80 chips)
2. time4sumakshun (24,165.90 chips)
3. Whitesnake1 (23,450.90 chips)
4. Billy Ripken (21,814.20 chips)
5. beanmo (19,353.80 chips)
6. Mement_mori (17,107.10 chips)
7. Thomas Bihl (16,512.30 chips)
8. moneyinthebank1 (15,775.30 chips)
9. jeppg1111 (15,699.40 chips)
10. JohnyCashOut2 (15,352.50 chips)

Jonathan Little never ceases to impress me. Yet another week has gone by and Jonathan has never once this month given up his 1st place spot. Partly responsible for this is his massive chip lead. With a stack of 67,846, the next closest competitor doesn’t even come close with 24,165 in chips. Though not impossible, I don’t expect anyone to steal this first place win from Jonathan Little. In fact, I would be a little surprised if someone were to snag it from him next month as well. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Time4sumakshun currently sits in 2nd place after hovering around the middle of the top ten all week. Last week he was in 5th place. It’s usually JohnyCashOut2 who sits in 2nd place but as I mentioned last week he has been falling in the ranks as of late. Last week Johny was in 6th place, now only a week later he has fallen to 10th. If Johny doesn’t do something fast he won’t be able to maintain a spot in the top ten till the end of the month.

Whitesnake1 has dropped a place, but he’s doing better than I would have expected. This may be his month to shine as he never really seems to stay on top very long. Thomas Bihl, FTP Poker Pro, has jumped a couple spots to 7th place from last week’s 9th. We’ll be sure not to count him out too early as we all know he’s capable of some nice climbs in the leaderboards.

Current February 26th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit

1. bedsore (10,805.30 chips)
2. killa_poker10 (9,856.70 chips)
3. 1luckysOOner (8,028.60 chips)
4. moneyforrent (7,771.90 chips)
5. Pulsatilla (7,388.40 chips)
6. brainmuscle (7,199.80 chips)
7. Arngrim (6,909.00 chips)
8. docholiday470 (6,766.80 chips)
9. bunnydynamics (6,598.80 chips)
10. kokmus (6,311.60 chips)

Bedsore has maintained his number one position into the new week and his chip stack suggests it may stay that way into the end of the month (considering the low stakes.)  1luckysOOner dropped a place from last week’s 2nd to 3rd this week but I wouldn’t put it past him to climb the ranks once more.  The only thing that makes me feel that he won’t do so is that killa_poker10 has a decent lead on him as far as chip stacks go. 

Moneyforrent climbed to 4th place this week – up from 7th last week.  Moneyforrent is a good player that we’ve seen a lot of and are sure to see more of in the future.  Though he always seems to linger around the top ten I don’t know that I’ve seen him anywhere around the top three.  This week there are two new players to hit the top ten in the low limit SNG leaderboard.  Bunnydynamics made it to the top ten at 9th place, and brainmuscle made his way up to 6th place.