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It looks like February has flushed out a whole new group of players on Full Tilt Poker fighting to be in the top ten of their leaderboards. I had to double check the results to make sure I was copying them right because there are so many unrecognized players! Aside from the new faces there isn’t much action to talk about, so we’ll dive right into it.

Remember to check out the full archived FTP leaderboard results on located here: February 5th Leaderboards.

Let’s take a look:

Current January 21st Top Ten MTT Leaders

1. pleace (5,771.40 chips)
2. DvDvD (3,971.20 chips)
3. The Yid (3,739.60 chips)
4. GnightMoon (3,224.90 chips)
5. hellraiser88 (3,064.20 chips)
6. scatterbrain123 (2,976.90 chips)
7. WeirdThing (2,552.00 chips)
8. gettin deep (2,548.10 chips)
9. cornellxc1 (2,503.40 chips)
10. hitthehole (2,392.30 chips)

This is the leaderboard that threw me for a loop. Just about every name you see on the board today is new. These top ten players were nowhere to be found in the likes of the top ten contenders last month. WeirdThing is the only returning champion from last month, granted he dropped a couple places. He placed 3rd overall in the month of January and took home a nice prize as a result. Today we see him in 7th place. Nothing to be ashamed about though because, well… Where in the hell is everyone else? Aside from WeirdThing, the only name I recall seeing in the past few months is hellraiser88.

For the simple sake of satisfying my curiosity I had to look up some of the players from last month. BigMoneyStud, last month’s 1st place winner, can be found all the way down at 191st place. Step it up stud, show us you weren’t a one hit wonder! GettinTipsy, last month’s 2nd place winner hasn’t even placed anywhere on the leaderboard at all.

The next closest winner from last month is bparis who is currently in 18th place. Out of the first current 50 players he is the only other winner from last month you can find.

Current January 21st Top Ten SNG Leaders
– High Limit

1. Jonathan Little (11,899.10 chips)
2. JohnyCashOut2 (5,136.90 chips)
3. Whitesnake1 (4,346.80 chips)
4. UpTheMariners (3,636.10 chips)
5. Lucky Grapes (3,248.20 chips)
6. norrsken39 (2,972.40 chips)
7. hoppashoppas (2,947.70 chips)
8. ganotec88 (2,939.90 chips)
9. happygabita (2,888.70 chips)
10. jdpc27 (2,782.00 chips)

Jonathan Little has continued his triumph from last month into February and has continued to hold strong in 1st place today. Likewise, JohnyCashOut2, who is definitely proven to be a tough contender has also not budged from his 2nd place spot. Last month’s 3rd place winner time4sumakshun, slipped off the top ten and can be found in 12th place right now.

Whitesnake1 has added a little juice to his play and managed to climb the ranks to 3rd place from last week’s 10th. Whitesnake is a familiar face here on the high stake FTP leaderboard, but we haven’t seen him do anything spectacular so far.

Like the MTT leaderboard, there are an array of new names to be reckoned with on this board. The current top three contenders are the only returning people from the overall top ten of January. Everyone below them looks unfamiliar as they try to sneak up into the top ten.

Current January 21st Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit

1. 1luckysOOner (2,603.30 chips)
2. SpankyMac (1,889.40 chips)
3. bedsore (1,795.40 chips)
4. NotBlessed (1,670.60 chips)
5. Arngrim (1,583.60 chips)
6. Golmur (1,527.50 chips)
7. WPTfuji (1,466.40 chips)
8. notmeitsu (1,460.30 chips)
9. docholiday470 (1,453.90 chips)
10. SaU_KRIS (1,442.90 chips)

I’m a bit shocked to see Rebellz absence in the top ten this month. To tell you the truth, Rebellz isn’t anywhere in the 250 recorded places at FTP today. Month after month he has shown his abilities with great consistency. Maybe he’s bowing out and handing the torch off to some other deserving contender. Either way, it’s 1luckysOOner who is now in the lead at 1st place, today. Just last week he could be found at the other end of the spectrum in 10th place. Last month was the first I’ve seen or taken notice to 1lucky but rest assured I’ll remember his name if he continues to linger on top.

Other than 1lucky, the only other player from last week’s top ten which happens to be January’s overall winners, is Amgrim. Amgrim came in 5th today, just as he did last week. While it may be mediocre play on his part, it’s far better than the 245 people below him. If he continues to play as is I’m sure we’ll be seeing him all throughout this month.

Aside from those two players, the only other player I recognize is WPTfuji. WPTfuji has made it to the top ten here and there but has never held onto it for the overall win. Somewhere around mid January he could be found in 7th place. His stay in the top ten was short lived though as he quickly slid off into the unknown.

This month should make for some fresh analysis considering all the new faces we have to look at. It will be interesting to see if all the regulars who have consistently proven themselves have the tenacity to rise from the low ranks in which they currently reside. Will they recapture their thrones in the top ten as we’ve seen so many times before? Or will we be seeing a fresh group of winners for the month of February? Check back to find out!