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Today marks the second week of 2008 and as we push into a new year, we’re also seeing some new faces on the FTP Leaderboards. Each New Year brings more chances to wipe the slate clean and make a name for ourselves. It would be great to see a few players benefit from their poker-related resolutions and make the top of these boards – because we all know they’re out there.

So we’re starting a fresh month, in a fresh year, and seeing some new names as well as a few who refuse to be pushed around.

Let’s take a look:

Current January 8th Top Ten MTT Leaders

1. jcada99 (7,106.00 chips)
2. boltsva (4,521.70 chips)
3. tARsh (4,451.59 chips)
4. USCphildo (4,203.46 chips)
5. andressoprano (4,012.36 chips)
6. mossified84 (3,957.39 chips)
7. ShizelReturns (3,800.27 chips)
8. allin-philipp (3,671.84 chips)
9. DaamU (3,382.66 chips)
10. bowser125 (3,004.73 chips)

In the top ten today there are 4 names I remember from December’s final top ten; tARsh, USCphildo, mossified84, and bowser125. tARsh, who is ranked in 3rd today took 32nd place for December’s end. USCphildo could be found in a not too shabby 17th place for December and has risen to 4th for January so far. Mossified84 has made a leap to 6th place from 21st. And we have bowswer125 in 10th place after placing 34th last month.

These four have done a fine job climbing the ranks and if persistent will be rewarded quite nicely. The other remaining six players on the top ten right now didn’t even place in the top 250 MTT players last month. This includes our two top condenders for January so far, jcada99 and boltsva. Jcadda99 has a decent chip lead to his 2nd place follower which will cause boltsva to work harder if he wants to reach the number one slot. It’s early in the month and anything can happen though – and probably will.

Current January 8th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit

1. JohnyCashOut2 (13,393.00 chips)
2. Mement_mori (9,535.70 chips)
3. pareshjain (9,493.90 chips)
4. The Fiend 34 (8,016.60 chips)
5. beanmo (7,982.40 chips)
6. time4sumakshun (6,491.60 chips)
7. Hezballer (6,207.40 chips)
8. Misclick (5,700.00 chips)
9. phatchoy888 (5,685.60 chips)
10. moneyinthebank1 (5,605.10 chips)

Here we’ve got 3 players who have held their own and remained in the top ten since December’s end; JohnyCashOut2, beanmo, and phatchoy888. JohnyCashOut2 refuses to let go of his number one spot so far and if he clinches it again this month that will give him a third consecutive month he’s been in the top two places (two of them being number 1.) Beanmo who ranked in 5th place last month has been sitting in his seat ever since and has remained number 5 on the top ten this week. Phatchoy888 has dropped to 9th place from last month’s 3rd.

Interestingly enough, every single player who has gained a spot in the top ten this week earned a place on the leaderboard for the month of December. That being said, most of them weren’t even close to being on the top ten.

Current January 8th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit

1. zdarlight (4,211.20 chips)
2. the bumwheel (3,698.90 chips)
3. MajorPolk (3,696.30 chips)
4. Arngrim (3,574.90 chips)
5. gerdim (3,451.70 chips)
6. einsammy (3,128.80 chips)
7. hongle (3,070.30 chips)
8. bethwolf22 (2,837.60 chips)
9. Rebellz (2,423.80 chips)
10. moneyforrent (2,382.00 chips)

SNGs again prove to be the most consistent as far as familiar faces goes. Just as in high limit, everyone in the current low limit top ten earned a place on the leaderboard last month. Our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners from December have returned to show they’re here to stay. They have, however, dropped to the lower half of the board. Rebellz who was our winner in December fights to hold on in 9th place while bethwolf22 is in 8th. Bethwolf22 placed just behind Rebellz for 2nd last month. Einsammy has dropped to 6th place from 3rd in December.

The difference I’m seeing with the high and low limit is that almost everyone who is currently in the low limit top ten was very close to reaching the top ten last month as well. In the top ten for high limit SNGs I’m seeing a lot of players who placed in the 80s and even in the 100s.

For those of you who would like to take a look at the full FTP Leaderboards for today they are kept and updated on located here: January 8th Leaderboards.