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Over the past week a lot of new faces have shown interest in being part of the Full-Tilt Leaderboards. We want more of this! The more contenders there are, the more action there is and everyone loves action. I would also like to see members of the Flop Turn River community on the FTP Leaderboards. Having one of our very own placing in the top ten would add a sweet twist to this column. That being said, if any reader notices that they’re in the top ten, let me know so I can write about it.

Anyway – Let’s look at yet another week of the Full-Tilt Leaderboards:

Current January 15th Top Ten MTT Leaders

1. jcada99 (7,571.45 chips)
2. Trapstar878 (6,436.58 chips)
3. boltsva (6,106.11 chips)
4. ElMastermind (6,023.63 chips)
5. GettinTipsy (6,002.65 chips)
6. bowser125 (5,752.88 chips)
7. WeirdThing (5,560.31 chips)
8. sketchy1 (5,354.49 chips)
9. andressoprano (5,308.16 chips)
10. bigmoneystud (5,285.85 chips)

Several new names have risen from the depths of the MTT leaderboard. Everyone wants their shot; and of course, everyone loves money. Despite the changes on the board since last week, jcada99 has held his number one spot and it’s quite miraculous if you ask me. I say it’s a miraculous feat because for the entire week jcada has only managed to accumulate about 500 more chips to his bank. Boltsva, who came in second, last week raised his funds almost 2,000 chips higher. Even with the extra 2k in chips, boltsva slid down a spot to number 3. This leaves us with a question. Who is Trapstar878? Last week Trapstar was a ‘nobody’ who hadn’t even placed in the top 250 MTT contenders. After only a week of play we’re seeing him threaten jcada99 with a massive jump to second place. Quite simply, if jcada99 repeats this level of play for the coming week, he’ll be handing his number one spot to someone else on a silver platter.

These following top ten players from last week have dropped significantly and no longer appear in the top ten: tARsh (3rd), USCphildo (4th), mossified84 (6th), ShizelReturns (7th), allin-philipp (8th), and DaamU (9th). Everyone who has made it to the top ten this week owes these players (and their lack of play) a world of thanks.

Current January 15th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit

1. JohnyCashOut2 (19,606.30 chips)
2. pareshjain (14,603.80 chips)
3. beanmo (13,095.60 chips)
4. Mement_mori (12,543.30 chips)
5. time4sumakshun (11,656.20 chips)
6. The Fiend 34 (10,732.80 chips)
7. Misclick (9,896.00 chips)
8. phatchoy888 (9,770.00 chips)
9. moneyinthebank1 (8,792.60 chips)
10. Jonathan Little (7,965.80 chips)

JohnyCashOut2 knows what he wants and that is to consistently come in at number one each week. Again he’s managed to secure his stance, and he has also increased his chip lead (relative to second place) by 1,000 chips with an overall increase of 6,300 chips. If Johny continues to increase this lead it’ll only get more difficult for anyone to surpass him for the lead. Mement_mori, who was fighting to stay in second place and ultimately for first, has dropped in the ranks to 4th place, giving pareshjain his number 2 spot. Beanmo who is considered one of the boards more consistent players has jumped up a couple places from 5th place landing him a spot at 3rd place this week.

Hezballer (last week’s 7th place) has failed to hold their spot in the top ten this week and has dropped to 11th place. This drop has given Jonathan Little a shot at the top ten coming in at 10th place. Overall, the same people have been able to hold a place in the top ten since last week, so congratulations – so far.

Current January 15th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit

1. Rebellz (7,438.70 chips)
2. einsammy (6,953.90 chips)
3. gerdim (6,721.60 chips)
4. zdarlight (6,166.40 chips)
5. MajorPolk (5,762.10 chips)
6. Arngrim (5,623.90 chips)
7. bethwolf22 (5,233.20 chips)
8. hongle (5,162.70 chips)
9. moneyforrent (5,147.30 chips)
10. tappert (4,054.20 chips)

We’re seeing a lot of action from Rebellz on the low limit SnG leardboard. Last week Rebellz was sitting in the top ten at the measly 9th place. Completely unsatisfied with this spot, Rebellz rose in the ranks to 1st place in a week’s time. Zdarlight, who was last week’s 1st place contender, has dropped to 4th this week. Other than Rebellz, the only two other players who climbed the ladder to a higher rank was bethwolf22 who rose one spot to 7th place, and moneyforrent who rose one spot to 9th place. Everyone else on the low limit board has dropped in rank.

Tappert comes in at 10th place this week. Tappert came out of nowhere as last week he didn’t appear anywhere in the 250 recorded places for the low limit SnG leaderboard.

For those of you who would like to take a look at the full FTP Leaderboards for today they are kept and updated on located here: January 15th Leaderboards.