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It’s that time of the week again, and we’re nearing the end of January. In 9 days we’ll be looking at a new batch of dedicated poker players who have reached the top of the FTP Leaderboards to claim their status as the best of the best; At least for the month of January anyway 😉 For the most part the same players have been hovering around in the top ten in all three categories. They all know they want to be in the top ten, they’re just not sure where in the top ten!

For those of you who would like to take a look at the full FTP Leaderboards for today they are kept and updated on located here: January 21st Leaderboards.

Alright then, let’s get right down to it, shall we?

Current January 21st Top Ten MTT Leaders

1. GettinTipsy (9,572.42 chips)
2. bigmoneystud (8,774.46 chips)
3. JBT449 (8,187.98 chips)
4. garage13 (7,981.78 chips)
5. WeirdThing (7,879.66 chips)
6. jcada99 (7,638.40 chips)
7. boltsva (7,518.71 chips)
8. bowser125 (7,070.51 chips)
9. GulahPapyrus (6,887.85 chips)
10. ElMastermind (6,689.16 chips)

Remember last week when I mentioned that if jcada99 repeated another lousy week he’d be handing his number 1 spot to someone else? Somewhere along the line he decided first place wasn’t important enough to him. Progressing into this week he only managed to acquire a mere 66.95 chip increase. This simply won’t cut it if you want to be at the top. The result is a big fat shadow casted by places 1 through 5 as jcada99 sits in its darkness at 6th place. Anything can happen though, and he’s got 9 days to redeem his position. Interestingly enough, it was last week’s 6th place holder that took jcada’s number one spot. GettinTipsy has traded places with jcada since last week due to a healthy 3,500 chip increase.

Equally impressive, bigmoneystud comes in at 2nd place this week after having been in 10th last week. This massive jump can be attributed to an even larger chip increase of 4,000. Trapstar878 was the player who came out of the woodwork last week for 2nd place. This week he fell off the edge of the top ten MTT players to 11th place. If he plays anything like he played a couple weeks ago I can easily see him still stealing a win.

Our 3rd place holder, JBT449, is the one to arrive out of nowhere this week. I haven’t seen him in the top ten for as long as I’ve been keeping track. JBT made a leap anyone would be proud of. Last week, he ranked 51st, which isn’t even close to the prestige of the top ten. Jumping 48 places is a pretty sweet accomplishment for a week.

Current January 21st Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit

1. JohnyCashOut2 (22,969.90 chips)
2. Jonathan Little (18,124.50 chips)
3. time4sumakshun (18,095.80 chips)
4. pareshjain (16,727.20 chips)
5. beanmo (16,467.40 chips)
6. Mement_mori (14,262.00 chips)
7. The Fiend 34 (13,998.30 chips)
8. Misclick (12,321.90 chips)
9. Whitesnake1 (12,132.40 chips)
10. moneyinthebank1 (11,846.30 chips)

JohnyCashOut2 wouldn’t let go of that number one spot if his life depended on it. For several weeks in a row he’s been found in either 1st or 2nd place. He raised a cool 3,300 chip increase to remain in the lead with roughly 4,000 more chips than his 2nd place follower Jonathan Little. Jonathan Little himself pulled an amazing trick by increasing his stack by about 11,000 since just last week. Know what that type of fundraising can do? Take a player from 10th place to 2nd for the week. Last week’s 2nd place holder comes in at 4th this week with a 2,000 chip increase.

Whitesnake1 who is placing 9th this week managed to muster up enough chips to make it to the top ten from last week’s 20th place. Whitesnake’s entry into the top ten ushered phatchoy888, who placed 8th last week, right off the board to 11th place.

Current January 21st Top Ten SNG Leaders
– Low Limit

1. Rebellz (10,418.50 chips)
2. einsammy (10,333.00 chips)
3. gerdim (9,680.60 chips)
4. zdarlight (8,925.30 chips)
5. Arngrim (8,516.60 chips)
6. moneyforrent (8,087.60 chips)
7. tappert (6,356.90 chips)
8. bethwolf22 (5,914.70 chips)
9. hongle (5,848.90 chips)
10. MajorPolk (5,772.00 chips)

Rebellz is the JohnyCashOut2 of the low limit SNG leaderboard. It seems as if he’s sitting at 1st place each and every week. If he continues along this path he’ll be taking down the 1st place prize in 9 days and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

This leaderboard is interesting. In the lower limits there has been a lot of consistency shown throughout this past week. In fact, places 1 through 4 have remained exactly the same as last week. And even then, 5th place Arngrim moved up one place from last week which isn’t much of a change either. MajorPolk who was last week’s 5th place holder slipped to 10th place giving others a chance to shift up closer to the first four players who have been holding out like a rock.

So this week in the low limit SNG Leaderboards we’re seeing no change whatsoever in the first four places, very little movement or activity in the following 6 places, and to add to it, not one new person made it to the top ten since last week. We’re seeing all the same players. It just goes to show you how badly these 10 want it and how hard they’re willing to work to achieve their goals.

Well, there you have it, this week’s FTP Leaderboard analysis in a nutshell. Be sure to check back next week to find out which players rock the final top tens in each category!