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We’re nearing the halfway point in the month of June here on the Full Tilt Leaderboards and more unfamiliar players than ever are seasoning all three categories.  Make no mistake though, each of the three leaderboard categories are sporting a few of the regular veterans, especially in the two SNG boards.  I’m sure we’ll be in the midst of many battles as we continue to cover Full Tilt’s tournament players throughout the heat of June.

FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the FTP Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the Full Tilt network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar.  Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing.  It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.

For a quick link to today’s full Leaderboard results (a whopping 250 recorded places) click here:  June 10th Leaderboard Results.

Let’s take a look!

Current June 10th Top Ten MTT Leaders:

1     th_IN_kB4Urail      6744.10
2     JaspudUF     6267.90
3     Robbieoz     5832.90
4     Rounder63     5731.10
5     ANIMAL5050     5577.40
6     CBrink_Man     5172.00
7     sampson724     4797.30
8     Wretchy     4582.00
9     thebattler33     4418.60
10   Petie_BigStacks     4126.70

Covering the MTT Leaderboard too early in the month can prove to be rather pointless.  Positions early on generally don’t last, and it’s too difficult to make any predictions without players having a solid foundation.  For instance, this week’s top leader is th_IN_kB4Urail.  Last week, th_IN_kB4Urail didn’t have enough leaderboard points to even land him a spot in the top 250 contenders on the MTT board!  Well he’s turned his luck upside down and is sitting in first place with a comfortable chip lead over JaspudUF in 2nd place.  JaspudUF made a dashing leap from last week’s 34th place.

Robbieoz was in 1st place last week.  He can’t be too disappointed losing the top spot because he’s still going strong in the top ten and many players drop right off the leaderboard after getting knocked out of first early in the month. Beginners luck, I suppose.  Rounder63 is hovering around the same position he held when May reached its end, nabbing him a 5th place overall win.  Today he sits in 4th place, 46 positions higher than last week!

Animal5050 makes a return this week rising 5 positions landing a spot in 5th place.  Last week he sat in 10th place just barely above the cutoff.  CBrink_Man is a name I haven’t seen on the leaderboard top ten in quite some time.  The last I remember of him was back in March when he hovered around the 6th place position.  I have however noticed that CBrink placed 104th in the FTOPS VII Event 11, netting him a nice $386.57.

sampson724 is the only other player I remember seeing before, and even that is a fairly vague memory.  Last week he sat in the number 6 spot but has fallen a place to 7th for today.  Wretchy has fallen from last week’s 2nd place down to 8th tonight.  thebattler33 is sitting on the top ten today after having no position in the 250 recorded spots last week, and Petie has risen to 10th place today as opposed to last week’s 17th.

Current June 10th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit:

1     Mement_mori      13389.10
2     beanmo     10342.10
3     0king_high0     7083.30
4     time4sumakshun     6610.80
5     222apples     6451.90
6     PokerLex777     6202.40
7     moneyinthebank1     5884.80
8     Gnoschbeudel     4726.30
9     Snuffie381     4701.90
10    adb235     4580.90

This may be Mement_mori’s month to shine as he’s currently sitting on top of the pack with a MONSTER chip lead.  His closest competitor is beanmo who is about 3,000 chips short of Mement.  Mement_mori has spent a lot of time in the top ten of the high limit leaderboard, but he’s never sat so comfortably in first place.  beanmo is nothing short of a threat though, as he is certainly one of the best SNG players on Full Tilt.  He seemed to suffer a little bit last month sitting below the top ten, but he was way up there on the leaderboard nonetheless.

0king_high0 is sitting with a decent chip stack in 3rd place.  Last week 0king didn’t appear anywhere on the leaderboard, so he’s made a massive leap over the course of the week.  All eyes should be on time4sumakshun as he held 1st place for the majority of the month of May and had it snatched out of his grasp by Mr Wite at the last second.  time4sumakshun has definitely shown the most amount of heart and consistency on this high limit leaderboard and I would put my money on him climbing up to one of the top two leading spots.

222apples is a player I have never seen before today on the leaderboard.  Last week apples sat in 8th place and has made a modest jump to 5th today.  PokerLex777 has made an appearance here and there but nothing ever very special.  moneyinthebank1 is another player that others should be cautious of.  moneyinthebank1 has spent almost the same amount of time at the very top of the leaderboard as time4sumakshun, an accomplishment worth recognizing.

Gnoschbeudel, another player new to me, and also seemingly German, is up one position from last week in 8th place.  Snuffie381 rose to 9th place today from 27th last week.  Last but not least we have adb235, yet another newer player.  adb235 made an awesome leap in the leaderboards from last week’s 119th place to 10th today.

Current June 10th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit:

1     bunnydynamics      5795.10
2     moneyforrent     4532.60
3     silky1969     4233.30
4     FDSaussure     4207.50
5     ecued     3870.50
6     Arngrim     3822.10
7     PokeHerTit     3548.50
8     gerdim     3369.30
9     Stickit69r     3296.70
10   LDCrayne     3263.30

bunnydynamics is fairly new to me, although I do vaguely remember seeing bunny somewhere in the top ten a long time ago.  bunnydynamics must be doing something right though, because this bunny has hopped yet one more position from last week up to 1st overall with a great lead.  Next to him is moneyforrent, a regular here on the low limit SNG leaderboard.  moneyforrent hasn’t landed a 1st place victory yet but it looks like he’s doing much better this month.  silky1969 is staying consistent with last week and has remained in 3rd place for the second week in a row.  FDSaussure has risen from the edge in 10th place up to thi sweek’s 4th overall.

ecued, although unfamiliar to me, has made a respectable jump from 29th place last week to 5th today.  Another player I’ve been seeing a lot on this leaderboard is Arngrim.  Arngrim never participated much when I first started covering the Full Tilt Leaderboards, but over the last couple of months this player has been sure to land a top ten spot.  Today Arngrim is in 6th place, after last week’s 12th.  PokeHerTit doesn’t only have an interesting player name, but remains in the top ten for the second week in a row sliding down two positions to 7th place.

gerdim, like Arngrim has been appearing much more frequently in the upper portion of the FTP Leaderboard.  Gerdim has slipped below the top ten positions a number of times though, so it’ll be interesting to see if this player does any better this month.  Stickit69r has risen to 9th place after having no position in the 250 recorded places last week.  Also making a pretty big leap for an SNG leaderboard, LDCrayne has climbed up to 10th place from last week’s 68th place.