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March has brought along not only traces of spring, but a whole slew of new players to the Full Tilt Leaderboards. As more and more skilled players climb their way up the ranks, they’re giving the regulars a run for their money. In order for these players to stay on top, it’s essential to continually improve their game. It’s already mid March and players who are used to being in the top ten have a little under two weeks to pull it together and climb to the top. Even for how far into the month we are, this is certainly an obtainable feat for skilled players such as these.

This week I’ve included a third column in the top ten. This column describes the prize associated with each position on the leaderboard. Prizes continue well below the top ten, but we only cover the top ten each week. If you’d like to see the leaderboard results further than the top ten, FTR archives the full leaderboards each day. The full 250 recorded places can be viewed on FTR here: Full-Tilt Leaderboards Mar18.

Let’s take a look at the results:

Current March 18th Top Ten MTT Leaders:

1 Mike Bollar 10565.70 $1000 & Entry
2 mjj864579 10477.70 $500 & Entry
3 zarzir 9991.80 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
4 sampson724 8985.60 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
5 tedsfishfry 8172.60 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
6 CBrink_Man 7722.30 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
7 kasper74 7638.20 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
8 NEONPILS99 7403.00 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
9 The Yid 7300.00 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
10 Plotinus 7116.30 (2) $75 Tokens & Entry

Mike Bollar is one of the new players I mentioned above. In the several months I’ve been analyzing the FTP Leaderboards, this is the first I’ve seen of Mike Bollar. He currently sits in 1st place with 10,565 chips, just 100 more chips than mjj864579 who’s in 2nd for the month so far. Just under 1st and 2nd, zarzir sits in 3rd with 9,991 chips. zarzir is also a new player who is unfamiliar with the top ten. It’s unusual to have three new players occupy the top three positions on the leaderboards. Along with the top 3 players, CBrink_Man (6th), kasper74 (7th) and Plotinus (10th) are also new to the top ten.

The Yid who showed great success last month placing 1st overall for February is currently in 9th place behind several newer players. If any player on the top ten can surpass the rest and reach the top by the end of the month it’s The Yid. He has shown great consistency over the past few months and always lingers near the top of the MTT Leaderboard. Despite being behind the leader by about 3,000 chips, we’ll keep an eye out for his climb to the top. NEONPILS99 who currently sits in 8th place could be found in 14th place for the entire month of February. sampson724, another returning player from February, has risen from last month’s 21st place to a current position of 4th place. Lastly, on the lower end of things, tedsfishfry placed 49th for February and has now climbed the ranks to 5th place for March.

Current March 18th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit:

1 time4sumakshun 15373.50 20x Fav
2 moneyinthebank1 15027.60 16x Fav
3 PokerToronto 14384.00 14x Fav
4 Whitesnake1 14352.50 12x Fav
5 phatchoy888 13357.30 11x Fav
6 wildjoker321 11306.90 10x Fav
7 beanmo 10119.00 9x Fav
8 TurtleTerror 9892.20 8x Fav
9 braminc 9438.60 7x Fav
10 King Koi 9402.60 6x Fav

time4sumakshun is certainly no stranger to the high limit SNG leaderboard. Rest assured, week after week, time4sumakshun finds a position in the top ten to secure as his very own. This week he happens to hold 1st place with a 300 chiplead on our current 2nd place holder, moneyinthebank1. moneyinthebank1 is also familiar with the top ten as he spends a lot of time lingering in and out of the first 10 places every week.

Since I’ve been evaluating the Full Tilt Leaderboards, this is the first I’ve seen PokerToronto in the top ten. That’s not to say he hasn’t placed anywhere on the leaderboard, but he hasn’t achieved any position warranting any mention until today. In fact, for the month of February, PokerToronto finished in 76th place overall. Out of all the players currently in the top ten, my support goes to Whitesnake1. Whitesnake has showed amazing effort over the past few months and his movement in the leaderboards has demonstrated his improvement. This week he sits in 4th place and only time will tell if he’s got the skill required to surpass great players like time4sumakshun and moneyinthebank1. Others who have previously graced the leaderboard top ten include phatchoy888 (5th), wildjoker321 (6th) and beanmo (7th). TurtleTerror, braminc and King Koi, 8th, 9th and 10th respectively, are all fresh in the top ten.

Current March 18th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit:

1 Xyz567 8389.70 20x Fav
2 bedsore 8361.30 16x Fav
3 DonkWhisperer 8008.80 14x Fav
4 kokmus 6704.40 12x Fav
5 msBlix 6622.60 11x Fav
6 einsammy 6237.40 10x Fav
7 Arngrim 5885.80 9x Fav
8 docholiday470 5785.10 8x Fav
9 tappert 5095.90 7x Fav
10 OldUnderpair 5075.40 6x Fav

February’s overall winner, bedsore, has been passed by Xyz567, yet another new player to the FTP Leaderboard. Xyz appeared nowhere in the 250 recorded places for the entire month of February. From the shadows it seems, Xyz567 popped up on the board and rose to the top over one of the most skilled players to play on the low limit leaderboard. Don’t count bedsore out too soon as he’s only under xyz by about 30 chips. Any player with a caliber such that of bedsore would have a shot to resteal the throne and secure the number one position for March.

DonkWhisperer who places 3rd this week is new to the top ten and was nowhere to be found in the low limit leaderboard for all of February. kokmus, our 4th place holder, decided he had something to prove after having placed 10th overall for the month of February. The next couple of weeks will put to rest the question of whether or not he has what it takes to keep climbing the ranks. Yet another new player, msBlix, secured 5th place for this week over einsammy, a proven regular. It was an odd thing last month not seeing einsammy at the top of this low limit sng board. If nothing else, Arngrim is showing sweet consistency in his play as he’s currently in 7th place over last month’s overall 6th place.

OldUnderpair is the last new player to be mentioned as he’s currently sitting in 10th place after having never been listed before.

The latter half of March will surely separate much of the luck from skill as the leaderboards will begin to weed out some of the not-so skilled players. Be sure to check in next week to see how this juicy action shapes up. It could be anyone’s game, but either way, we’ll be here to find out!