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It’s the 25th of March and we’re looking at less than a week till Full Tilt crowns three more 1st place players on the MTT, high limit SNG and low limit SNG leaderboards. It’s been a crazy month indeed, with new players entering the leaderboard scene every week. The results for each week tend to reach a certain level of unpredictability as more new players reach the top ten. Time is dwindling fast and players are realizing it’s time to start buckling down if they plan on taking home a win.

Hopefully the coming week will weed out any luckboxes that may have reached it this far due to a good run. Regardless, with just a week to go we’ll be seeing a new set of winners in no time!  If you’d like to see the leaderboard results further than the top ten, FTR archives the full leaderboards each day. The full 250 recorded places can be viewed on FTR here: Full-Tilt Leaderboards Mar25.

Let’s take a look at the results:

Current March 25th Top Ten MTT Leaders:

1 Mike Bollar 14011.80 $1000 & Entry
2 tedsfishfry 12011.50 $500 & Entry
3 mjj864579 11926.00 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
4 NEONPILS99 11759.20 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
5 CapTinBisKuiT 11222.40 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
6 TopTizzlePizzle 11057.40 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
7 zarzir 10647.40 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
8 sampson724 10586.70 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
9 JohnnyBelow 10234.90 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
10 bowser125 9430.60 (2) $75 Tokens & Entry

Mike Bollar continues to hold onto his number one spot this week and shows that some fresh players truly do have what it takes. Within a week we’ll find out if it’s enough to clinch the deal for a nice $1,000 win plus Entry. tedsfishfry is wasting no time climbing the ranks though, and it’s certainly something for Mike Bollar to be worried about. From an overall 49th place in February to 5th last week, tedsfishfry has risen to 2nd place in relatively no time at all. A mere 200 additional chips and tedsfishfry would be tied with Bollar; this is truly a neck to neck month.

mjj864579 isn’t terribly far away from the current chip leader either as he sits comfortably in 3rd place. NEONPILS99 is dead set on improving his rank as he made his way up to 4th place so far. Last week NEON sat in 8th place, he also sealed a 14th place overall finish for the month of February. CapTinBisKuiT had to have pulled in a big mtt win this week as he jumped 81 positions from the 86th place he was in last week. Because it’s fairly safe to say this can be attributed to one or two large sized wins, I doubt we’ll be seeing him rise much further, especially within the week.

TopTizzlePizzle is currently in 6th place after last week’s 23rd. It seems a lot of people are really pullin it together and jumping the ranks like hurdles. Interestingly enough, TopTizzlePizzle is the first player to make it high in more than one Full Tilt Leaderboard. Among his current 6th place on the MTT board, he’s also in 20th place on the high limit SNG board. Last week he was in 13th place for high limit SNG. zarzir has fallen to 7th place from last week’s 3rd, but remains in the top ten nonetheless. If he wants to take home one of the top ten prizes he’s going to have to step up his game. Likewise, sampson724 has slumped to 8th from last week’s 4th.

Both JohnnyBelow and bowser125 have finally made it to the top ten this week. JohnnyBelow is in a better position this week at 9th place from last week’s 11th. bowser made a moderately impressive jump from last week’s 28th place to 10th place today.

Current March 25th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit:

1 time4sumakshun 24564.30 20x Fav
2 Whitesnake1 21521.90 16x Fav
3 moneyinthebank1 19811.20 14x Fav
4 PokerToronto 19481.40 12x Fav
5 phatchoy888 16030.40 11x Fav
6 jeppg1111 14346.70 10x Fav
7 wildjoker321 13414.80 9x Fav
8 King Koi 13403.10 8x Fav
9 beanmo 13117.60 7x Fav
10 braminc 12643.50 6x Fav

time4sumakshun is definitely doing everything in his power to secure his number one position on the high limit SNG leaderboard as yet again this week he sits in 1st place. He currently holds a nice 3,000 chip lead over Whitesnake1 who’s in 2nd place. Last week I put my faith into Whitesnake, knowing full well the skill he’s harboring. Sure enough he passed moneyinthebank1 who has dropped to 3rd on account of Whitesnake1’s advance. time4sumakshun, Whitesnake1 and moneyinthebank1 are all well established and skillful players. This is turning out to be a classic battle for 1st place between these three.

PokerToronto has also dropped one place since last week and now sits in 4th place with 19,481 chips. Below him, in 5th place, phatchoy888 has about 3,400 less chips in 5th. phatchoy888 isn’t a stranger to this top ten and he’s capable of more. We’ll just have to see if he’s able to musters up what he needs by the end of the week. jeppg1111 decided 14th place wasn’t good enough and made a close to last minute dash for the top to 6th place. I haven’t seen him in the top ten thus far and it should be interesting to see if he’s able to hold onto his position. jeppg kicked wildjoker321 out of his last week’s 6th place position and now he sits in 7th. No need in worrying about wildjoker though, he’ll stick around. King Koi who was in last place last week jumped 2 places to 8th for the week. Additionally, braminc dropped to 10th from last week’s 9th, and beanmo dropped to 9th from 7th.

Unfortunately with the demise of Jonathan Little’s monopoly on 1st place, JohnyCashOut2 has seemingly dropped from the scene as well. He’s still playing high limit SNGs, but not at the same level of play we’re used to seeing him at. Currently JohnyCashOut is in 53rd place. Far from his consistent 1st or 2nd place for the past few months. Similarly, last week he was in 32nd place. I’m not quite sure what happened to Johny, but I’m definitely curious.

Current March 25th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit:

1 bedsore 11533.80 20x Fav
2 Xyz567 11392.00 16x Fav
3 kokmus 11274.60 14x Fav
4 msBlix 9184.10 12x Fav
5 DonkWhisperer 9075.70 11x Fav
6 einsammy 8432.20 10x Fav
7 Arngrim 8298.10 9x Fav
8 ObvFish 8167.40 8x Fav
9 docholiday470 7835.80 7x Fav
10 tappert 6940.10 6x Fav

As I expected, bedsore has taken the lead in this low limit SNG leaderboard. bedsore has shown great consistency and is truly a great player. It was only a matter of time before he leapfrogged newcomer Xyz567. Xyz now sits in 2nd place a couple hundred chips short of bedsore. Because he’s new, we’ll have to watch Xyz for the next few weeks to see how he matches up amongst proven players such as bedsore, kokmus, einsammy and many more.

kokmus sits in 3rd place this week, just above last week’s 4th place. msBlix also rose one spot since last week to his current 4th place. Last week DonkWhisperer was comfortable in 3rd place but couldn’t hold onto it as he slipped to 5th today. einsammy stays consistent with his rank and remains in 6th for another week. sammy has shown great skill in past months and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him rise a couple spots by the end of this week. Though I’ve seen Arngrim both up and down this leaderboard, he stays consistent with last week at 7th place. ObvFish, who we’ve seen a little of in the past few weeks has made an entrance to the top ten once again and currently sits in 8th place, dropping docholiday to 9th. tappert has also made an appearance in 10th place sending OldUnderPair, last week’s 10th place holder, right of the top ten. OldUnderPair can now be found in 14th place.

Again, with less than a week to go, many of these players need some major wins in order to prove their worth and rise the ranks and Flop Turn River will be right there every step of the way. Check back next Tuesday night for the full results for March. Will any of these players step it up to overthrow the current leaders, or will our leaders prevail and take home the win they’ve been working so hard for?