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We’re left with a couple more tense action filled weeks until Full Tilt Poker announces 30 new top ten winners for May across all three of their leaderboard categories.  The fact that Full Tilt keeps stats on MTT and both high and low limits of SNGs is a real blessing and it allows us to keep tabs on a variety of players which keeps the analysis interesting.  An amateur poker player myself, it’s been inspiring for me to cover players with such skill as those on top of the Full Tilt Leaderboards each week.  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be covering a leaderboard of which I’m part of!

FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the FTP Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the Full Tilt network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar.  Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing.  It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.

For a quick link to today’s full Leaderboard results (a whopping 250 recorded places) click here:  May 13th Leaderboard Results.

Let’s get down to business!

Current May 13th Top Ten MTT Leaders:

1     _FlaXmarZ_      8925.10      $1000 & Entry
2     Halfrek     8365.70     $500 & Entry
3     bowser125     7080.10     (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
4     da_professional     7042.00     (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
5     the guru 11     6818.30     (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
6     rtkoss     6704.00     (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
7     jackuup888     6554.00     (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
8     jornx     6467.40     (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
9     huey680     6307.90     (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
10   Rounder63     6276.30     (2) $75 Tokens & Entry

A lot has happened in the past week and because of the FTP April Winners article falling into place for last week this will be our first look at what they players are up to in May.  _FlaXmarZ_ emerged out of thin air over the course of the last few days stealing 1st place from billytk01 who held the most desired position last week.  Flax couldn’t find a home in the 250 recorded places last week so it’s a bit of a shocker to see him reigning first today.  It’s doubtful that he’ll hold this position through til the end of May but we’ll just have to wait and see.  Additionally, Flax didn’t place anywhere in this MTT Leaderboard at all for the entire month of April.

Truly following the leader’s footsteps, Halfrek who is currently in 2nd place held no leaderboard position last week, let alone at all in April for that matter.  bowswer125 is right where he belongs – in the top ten, at number 3 this week.  bowser has held several top ten positions over the past several months and it seems he’ll only continue to show up each week and show us what poker is all about.

da_professional has risen to a comfortable 4th place position from the 8th place he sat in last week.  Additionally da_professional held 30th place overall for April; well off the top ten, but impressive nonetheless. the guru 11 is brand new to the leaderboard and hasn’t held a position on the board for all of April and the first half of May, coming in today at a nice 5th place overall.

rtkoss made an impressive jump from last week and decided 41st place just wasn’t good enough for him, shooting up to his current 6th place position.  In April rtkoss scored a 31st place win just below da_professional in the previously mentioned 30th.

The final player deserving of a notable mention is Rounder63 in 10th place.  Last week Rounder was in 52nd place and made a decent leap to 10th.  This is nothing special coming from Rounder63 as he’s shown great skill in his game over the months.  Bethwolf22, our 1st place overall winner from April has slumped quite a bit since last month and can be currently found in 40th place overall.

Current May 13th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit:

1     Whitesnake1      14026.70      20x Fav
2     time4sumakshun     13068.90     16x Fav
3     braminc     11505.40     14x Fav
4     moneyinthebank1     10372.10     12x Fav
5     The Fiend 34     9978.70     11x Fav
6     beanmo     9085.80     10x Fav
7     Mr Wite     7837.10     9x Fav
8     PokerLex777     6655.40     8x Fav
9     dipthrong     5825.30     7x Fav
10   UGGs     5754.00     6x Fav

Whitesnake1 is bringing it in at 1st place right now, but there’s no surprise there.  Whitesnake1 is one of the all time greats that compete in the high limit SNG leaderboard.  Whitesnake stepped it up a notch from last week climbing one position to steal 1st from time4sumakshun.  Overall for the month of April Whitesnake1 snagged a 14th place win!  time4sumakshun is right up there with snake as far as great players in this leaderboard go.  In fact, based on their leaderboard stats I would rank tim4sumakshun above whitesnake1 by quite a bit.  Whitesnake can be found in the leaderboard a lot but generally floats up and down the leaderboard with no real home.  time4sumakshun can be found as one of the top three contenders week after week, month after month with amazing consistency.

While on the topic of consistency, braminc has nailed his number 3 spot yet again for the 2nd week in a row.  Looks like he’s getting all comfortable and cozy in this position but he’s got plenty to fear with players like moneyinthebank1 and beanmo hot on his heels.  moneyinthebank1 is another amazing player who makes many others look like donks in his presence.  I would put my money on moneyinthebank’s position rising from 4th to at least one of the three top positions for the high limit SNG Leaderboard.

The Fiend 34 has had a fair share of appearances in the top ten of the leaderboard but hasn’t really shown anything special or unique enough to mention much more.  Today he ranks in at 5th place up from the 22nd position just last week.  Below him in 6th place is beanmo, definitely a force to be reckoned with.  beanmo has taken 1st place for his very own win for an entire month, as well as held numerous top ten positions throughout the last 6 months I’ve been covering the Full Tilt Leaderboards.

Current May 13th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit:

1     tcmwpti      6560.00      20x Fav
2     M3nte     5128.30     16x Fav
3     einsammy     4546.30     14x Fav
4     gerdim     4395.80     12x Fav
5     antzzor     4272.30     11x Fav
6     ObvFish     4044.20     10x Fav
7     Arngrim     3981.10     9x Fav
8     timo82samuel     3681.40     8x Fav
9     LDCrayne     3489.10     7x Fav
10   tappert     3408.50     6x Fav

tcmwpti comes in at 1st place this week, up one position from last week when he was in 2nd place.  He’s showing great consistency over the last few months and has managed to keep this 1st position from last month when he took down the entire leaderboard for a 1st place win for April.  His jump to 1st knocked M3nte down a peg to 2nd place from his lead last week in 1st.

einsammy, is quite possibly the best low limit SNG player on Full Tilt next to Rebellz who seemingly disappeared after an amazing long reign on 1st place.  Today sammy sits in 3rd place about 2,000 chips away from our current leader tcm.  It’ll definitely be a task to surpass the top two contendors but if anyone can do it would be einsammy.  Below einsammy is gerdim in 4th who was in 5th last week.  Gerdim spent much of his time in the top ten of the leaderboard in April but somehow lost his grip and was sent packing to 13th place just off the top ten cut off.  He looks to be playing slightly better this month but we’ll have to keep a close eye on him to see where his newfound drive will take him.

ObvFish spends a lot of time in the top ten of the low limit leaderboard, but he seems to spend it mostly at the bottom of the barrel in 8-10th place.  That being said, he managed to climb out of the bottom a little to 6th place overall in April for a nice win.  Staying consistent with that, he can be found in 6th place again right now.  Arngrim is in the same boat as ObvFish except for that he spends his time in the center of the top ten, hovering around 5th place.  He’s in 7th place right now, but was in 13th last week.  And for April he slumped down to a lower 15th place overall.

tappert rose to 10th place this week after sitting in 19th place last week on May 6th.  In April tappert hit some snags and dropped to 18th place overall.  Make no mistake, tappert is a great player and has spent a lot of time in the top ten, we’ll just have to see kind of ride May takes him on.  Baffling, two players who would be expected in none other than the top 2 positions or at least the top 3 or 4, kokmus and bedsore have fallen in the ranks a little to 14th and 15th place respectively.  I’m willing to bet these players will rise to the top ten within the coming week.

Check back next Wednesday to see where the week takes these 30 players as the end of May quickly approaches!