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The last week of each month always seems to go by far too quickly and it’s hard to imagine how fast it must go by for the players competing on the Full Tilt Leaderboards. There are a lot of familiar players seasoning each of the three Full Tilt Leaderboards this week and I suspect it will continue through the end of the month and into June. Out of the three categories, the MTT Leaderboard is showing the most new players looking for their shot at a 1st place victory. Despite the number of new players popping up in the MTT Leaderboard there are still plenty of dominating players that must be reckoned with before the prizes are awarded in ten days.

FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the FTP Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the Full Tilt network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar. Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing. It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.

For a quick link to today’s full Leaderboard results (a whopping 250 recorded places) click here: May 20th Leaderboard Results.

Let’s jump to it!

Current May 20th Top Ten MTT Leaders:

1 Halfrek 17383.90 $1000 & Entry
2 tedsfishfry 11241.40 $500 & Entry
3 cheesemonster 10934.70 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
4 da_professional 10664.60 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
5 rtkoss 10411.70 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
6 bowser125 10112.60 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
7 Pimpnuho 9723.00 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
8 pairdboard21 9479.90 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
9 Rounder63 9456.30 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
10 mgerman23 8927.00 (2) $75 Tokens & Entry

Halfrek stepped it up over the course of the week sending him to 1st place from last week’s 2nd. A combination of Halfrek’s climb to 1st and probably the lack of play on _FlaXmarZ_’s part has knocked _FlaXmarZ_ down to 11th place. As suspected, just as quickly as Flax scored his first place position he lost it. If he’d like to play with the big boys on the Full Tilt Leaderboard he’ll have to up his game quite a bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if he dropped another ten places or more by the time June comes knocking. tedsfishfry is in 2nd place this week. Ted has made several leaderboard appearances over the time I’ve been covering them but it’s been a while since I’ve seen him around, let alone as high as 2nd place. tedsfishfry is definitely a skilled player but I don’t know if he’s got the skill required to hold onto this high of a position with ten full days of action left.

cheesemonster has appeared out of nowhere this week landing himself a comfortable 3rd place position. Though anything is possible, especially on the MTT Leaderboard, I would doubt cheesemonster’s consistence in the final days of May. Even just last week cheesemonster had not held any position in all of the 250 recorded places. One hit wonder, or some mad skills? We’ll just have to wait and see. da_professional has returned yet again for another week in 4th place and continues to impress me with his consistency on the top ten of this leaderboard. He has either climbed in rank or has stayed the same since the beginning of May, and has never dropped in position. After securing 30th place overall in April this month is shaping up to be better for da_professional all around.

Right along with da_professional, rtkoss is having a much better month in his current 5th place position after his 31st place win for April. rtkoss is up one position from last week as well. bowser125 is a great player who’s appeared in many top tens over the course of my analysis but he has started dropping in the ranks over the past week and it’s hard to tell where he may wind up by the time the month is over. Today he can be found in 6th place whereas just last week he sat in 3rd.

Pimpnuho has grown into one of my favorite players on the Full Tilt Leaders boards as he shows great consistency in his play and appears in the top ten more times than most other players. Pimpnuho has managed to climb the ranks since last week landing him a 7th place position from 22nd. The other player worth mentioning is Rounder63, who somehow always seems to hang out just below my radar. Rounder jumped from 52nd place two weeks ago to 10th place, and now over the past seven days has risen one more position to his current 9th palce.

Current May 20th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit:

1 time4sumakshun 20728.60 20x Fav
2 Whitesnake1 18428.80 16x Fav
3 Mr Wite 16681.30 14x Fav
4 moneyinthebank1 14851.50 12x Fav
5 The Fiend 34 13210.60 11x Fav
6 braminc 13067.90 10x Fav
7 beanmo 12201.10 9x Fav
8 PokerLex777 9932.70 8x Fav
9 UGGs 9601.50 7x Fav
10 TurtleTerror 9233.80 6x Fav

I like covering the two SNG Leaderboards on Full Tilt because they’re never short of talented and well recognized players. Choosing favorites among these amazing players has become a bit of a challenge as they all show ridiculous ability in their SNG play. time4sumakshun would definitely be in my list of favorites as he never fails to make his presence felt in not just the top ten but in the top 3 positions of the leaderboard. Today time4sumakshun has snatched the 1st place position away from Whitesnake1 who held this position just last week. This steal only knocked Whitesnake down to 2nd place with a chip lead of 2,000 still over 3rd place.

Mr wite, a player who hasn’t yet established a worthy profile to land in my good graces has risen to 3rd this week after his 7th place position last week. Mr Wite must be doing somethign right to be continuing his climb upward. moneyinthebank1 will no doubt pass Mr Wite as he is one of the best players to play on this High Limit SNG Leaderboard. I’m not sure how high moneyinthebank1 will achieve, but I’d put my money on his position rising a place or two over the course of the next ten days. The Fiend 34 is showing consistency this week as he reappears in 5th place for a second week in a row.

braminc has failed to nail his 3rd place position for a third week in a row and has been knocked down to 6th place, just above beanmo who has dropped to 7th from his last week’s 6th place. beanmo must be playing a bit under the weather as of late because he’s definitely capable of more within the top ten positions. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to see him shoot up to the one of the top four positions by the end of May.

PokerLex has returned in 8th place for a second week in a row while UGGs has risen from 10th to 9th for the week. In UGGs place for 10th is a new player to the top ten, TurtleTerror. Last week TurtleTerror was in 12th place, just below the top ten cutoff.

Current May 20th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit:

1 tcmwpti 8267.80 20x Fav
2 M3nte 7839.60 16x Fav
3 einsammy 7737.80 14x Fav
4 gerdim 7075.30 12x Fav
5 Arngrim 7010.50 11x Fav
6 LDCrayne 6417.80 10x Fav
7 antzzor 5851.50 9x Fav
8 ObvFish 5632.60 8x Fav
9 timo82samuel 5341.50 7x Fav
10 Oknan 5134.70 6x Fav

Continuing on the discussion of consistency, tcmwpti has come back for another week in 1st place in the low limit SNG Leaderboard. In the prior week to his two-week reign on 1st place he was in 2nd, just one position lower. Deepening his already imrpessive portfolio, tcmwpti secured a 1st place win for the overall month of April, taking home the nice 20 buy-ins of his favorite tournament. M3nte is right up there with tcm still in 2nd place just like last week. And in the previous week (first week of May,) M3nte held the 1st place position.

einsammy has also returned for another week in 3rd place. In fact, looking again at this leaderboard for May, places 1 through 4 have remained the same throughout almost ALL of May. Changes begin at Arngrim who has risen to 5th place from last week’s 7th. All five of these players are great at what they do and I’m not surprised to see any of them in the top five. LDCrayne has managed to jump a few spots to 6th place from last week’s 9th, giving new players a chance at the top ten.

New to the leaderboard this month, is Oknan 10th place. Oknan has made an impressive leap over last week’s 22nd place.

I’ve included places 11th-14th because three of the best low limit SNG players can be found in these positions. tappert, bedsore and kokmus are surprising me as they’ve fallen from the top ten. They’re all capable of rising the ranks and sitting at the top and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see them recapture the positions in which they belong.

11 kjh8448 5090.60 5x Fav
12 tappert 4857.70 5x Fav
13 bedsore 4617.90 5x Fav
14 kokmus 4458.10 5x Fav