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After an exciting October with some very close races, we’re on our way for more excitement as the November races kick off. Although it is often difficult to win a Leaderboard race by going wire to wire throughout the month, its always fun to take a look early in the month to see how the races are shaping up.

If you’d like to follow the FTP Leaderboard results, FlopTurnRiver archives the results daily on the Full Tilt network page. You can find it here: Leaderboard-Calendar by scrolling down to the leaderboard section and choosing a day to view. Also, for today’s complete standings (top 250 in all three categories) click here: November 9th Leaderboard Results

Current November 9th Top Ten MTT Leaders

1    sprstoner    5031.30
2    muoi1    4103.10
3    bethwolf22    2929.20
4    inhidonks    2927.50
5    Pimpnuho    2872.10
6    garage13    2719.00
7    kennl    2690.10
8    epokerounder    2605.80
9    JUMP PUTT    2510.00
10    bchgal    2399.40

After winning the October MTT Leaderboard race, sprstoner is back on top as we get underway in November. He continues to show consistent results in the $75 buy-in 45-player multi-table SNGs, with 6 wins so far worth $1,180 each. He also posted 8th place in the $80K guaranteed Sunday $163 Rebuy tournament for $6,184 on 11/02, as well as finishing 101st in FTOPS Event #9 for $1,450.

Holding up the 2nd place spot is muoi1, with heavy volume in the SNG 45s. He’s had several wins in the both the $26 and $75 buyins. Bethwolf22 rounds out the top 3 on the strength of a 14th place finish in the $109 Rebuy FTOPS Event #7 for $3,300.

A couple of well known MTT regulars come in 4th and 5th. With four 4-figure cashes, inhidonks takes 4th. He boasts a 5th place finish in the $322 buyin $90K Guaranteed tourney for $5,917 on 11/01. Pimpnuho comes in at #5 taking down five 4-figure cashes including a win in the $33 1 rebuy 1 addon $12.5K Guarantee on 11/04 for $3,533.

Current November 9th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit

1    braminc    10502.20
2    PokerToronto    8255.70
3    Whitesnake1    7151.30
4    HowBadDoIRun    7128.60
5    Mack the Finger    7092.50
6    zadpox dot com    6862.30
7    locks18    6653.40
8    flopdisasta    5600.20
9    Snuffie381    5177.20

A new name surfaces at the top in the High Limit SNG Top Ten. After finishing 148th in October, braminc jumps out to an early lead with an solid 10,502 points. Braminc primarily plays the $169 super turbos, and is obviously putting in serious volume and posting excellent results.

PokerToronto, a very familiar name in the High Limit bracket, shows up in 2nd place. He has won the SNG High Limit Leaderboard title for the last two months, and is always a threat to contend. Another consistent factor in the race, Whitesnake1, rounds out the top three. Whitesnake1 came in a very close 2nd to PokerToronto last month, and should be in the running as the race develops throughout the month.

Zadpox dot com and Snuffie381 also show up in the Top Ten as we get underway. Both were Top Ten finishers last month, with Zadpox dot com finishing 6th for October, and Snuffie381 ending up in 9th place. Both of them are capable of putting in good weeks, so look for them to possibly make a run at the top spot.

Current November 9th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit

1    vertoprah    5363.80
2    fylhbzy    4829.10
3    Randinho    4252.90
4    InsertCliche    3873.90
5    Peristeria    3818.10
6    Pippiloma    3453.60
7    nitrino    3412.80
8    a4lord    2991.70
9    respiratorz    2969.90
10    J2ThaP    2966.00

The Top Ten for the Low Limit SNG Leaderboard is peppered with new names as we start off here in November. After finishing 46th for October, vertoprah holds the lead with a very respectable 5363 points. Considering that the winner last month ended up with 12715, this Russian player is certainly off to quite a start.

Fylhbzy holds up the #2 spot after finishing 7th last month, followed by Randinho in 3rd. Peristeria, a fixture in the Top Ten, comes in at #5, after finishing 5th last month. We’ll be looking forward to seeing how this race develops as the November race proceeds.