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December has come to a close, and with it, the holiday season is winding down as well. What better way to end the holidays than being at the top of a leaderboard for one of the most prominent online poker rooms today? Full Tilt Poker has awarded prizes to yet another dedicated group of poker players for the month of December.

Since I’ve been covering the FTP Leaderboards I’ve come to appreciate the concept a lot. Competition has the potential to add a lot of flare to almost any activity. Players may cross paths on the tables here and there but they’re not just competing on the same table, they’re competing for overall winnings and I think it’s awesome.

Let’s take a look at the results:

Top Ten MTT Players for December:

1. MuckMuckMcGup (15,722.17 chips) Prize: $1,000 & Entry
2. Pimpnuho (14,060.79 chips) Prize: $500 & Entry
3. FrankJones (13,353.00 chips) Prize: (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
4. tommyboy1951 (11,977.05 chips) Prize: (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
5. WeirdThing (11,652.56 chips) Prize: (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
6. solohomer (9,927.62 chips) Prize: (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
7. cuzitsdelicious (9,232.60 chips) Prize: (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
8. SABAKABARABAKA (8,562.64 chips) Prize: (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
9. JaspudUF (8,490.56 chips) Prize: (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
10. Claw1980 (8,230.85 chips) Prize: (2) $75 Tokens & Entry

MuckMuckMcGup has managed to maintain his spot for 1st place since last week giving him the $1,000 prize plus entry. This is a mentionable feat considering Muck slumped in at 207th place for the entire month of November. Only 200 places in the MTT Leaderboard are awarded prizes so it’s got to feel good to take down the first place prize after missing all the prizes by a hair last month.

Ahh, Pimpnuho… my so far favorite consistent player has secured a 2nd place win for the second month in a row. It was just last week that he could be found in 4th place. I’ve only been covering the FTP Leaderboards for a few weeks but my curiosity got the best of me so I checked the records for Pimpnuho’s status during prior months. I found no trace of Pimpnuho; He must have only come out of the shadows in November so hopefully we’ll continue to see him around. FrankJones kindly slid down a seat from last week to 3rd place giving Pimpnuho the 2nd place he’s grown so fond of.

Also worth mentioning, Claw1980 has maintained a spot at 10th place from last week as well. Above Claw, SABAKABARABAKA and JaspudUF have both dropped a couple places from last week to 8th and 9th, respectively. The Vuk, who was holding 7th place in the top ten last week, is now twice as far away coming in at 14th for the month’s end. The names appearing on the board haven’t changed much since my post last week; there’s been some variation in the rankings, however. Repeat winners in the top ten from November are scarce though, as Pimpnuho is the only familiar contender for December.

Top Ten SNG (high limit) Players for December:

1. JohnyCashOut2 (38,088.40 chips) Prize: 20 Buy-ins.
2. HoytCorkins5 (24,223.00 chips) Prize: 16 Buy-ins.
3. phatchoy888 (18,708.00 chips) Prize: 14 Buy-ins.
4. Whitesnake1 (18,171.30 chips) Prize: 12 Buy-ins.
5. beanmo (15,234.00 chips) Prize: 11 Buy-ins.
6. dmmikkel (14,186.60 chips) Prize: 10 Buy-ins.
7. wildjoker321 (13,470.80 chips) Prize: 9 Buy-ins.
8. dogscratch (13,127.70 chips) Prize: 8 Buy-ins.
9. norrsken39 (12,480.30 chips) Prize: 7 Buy-ins.
10. ONE_BE_ONE (11,957.30 chips) Prize: 6 Buy-ins.

Interestingly enough, the top four leaders in the SNG high limit leaderboard have not changed at all since last week. JohnyCashOut2 leads the pack in 1st place and HoytCorkins5 follows him in 2nd place with around 14,000 less chips than Johny. No two consecutive finishers have that large of a difference in chip count. It’s also noteworthy to mention that these two players were found in the top two places for the month of November as well. They seem to be taking turns at 1st place because last month it was HoytCorkins5 who pulled in the win, with JohnyCashOut2 close behind.

Wildjoker321 slid down a couple places since last week to 7th place, giving beanmo the chance to secure a spot at 5th place. It also helped bump dmmikkel up to 6th place from last week’s 8th. LuckboxFromHell must have found little time to play because he dropped from 10th place last week to only 600 more chips and 16th for the month’s end. Norrsken39 took it as an opportunity to move up a few places to 9th place bumping ONE_BE_ONE down to 10th place.

We’re seeing a lot of consistency in the SNG high limit players. Almost everyone who placed in the top ten this month can be found in the top ten for November as well. Aside from that, they also appear to be hovering around the same place, too.

Top Ten SNG (low limit) Players for December:

1. Rebellz (13,302.10 chips) Prize: 20 Buy-ins.
2. bethwolf22 (12,543.30 chips) Prize: 16 Buy-ins.
3. einsammy (12,091.50 chips) Prize: 14 Buy-ins.
4. happygabita (11,861.00 chips) Prize: 12 Buy-ins.
5. Arngrim (11,511.20 chips) Prize: 11 Buy-ins.
6. EZ_baller (9,539.80 chips) Prize: 10 Buy-ins.
7. WPTfuji (9,378.30 chips) Prize: 9 Buy-ins.
8. moneyforrent (7,889.60 chips) Prize: 8 Buy-ins.
9. Lucid75 (6,984.20 chips) Prize: 7 Buy-ins.
10. Soul Coughing (6,592.30 chips) Prize: 6 Buy-ins.

Last, but certainly not least, we have our SNG low limit leaderboard. Again, not much change as far as different people since last week. Apparently Rebellz felt 5th place was not good enough last month because he’s risen to the top for a 1st place win for the month of December. Close behind Rebellz is Bethwolf22 who climbed a couple places since last week to 2nd place for December. Einsammy who was 2nd last week gave his seat to Beth and slid to his final spot at 3rd.

November’s 1st place winner ChaVtheGrinDeR has been grinding alright; all the way down to 175th place for the month of December. There are only 100 places that are awarded prizes and ChaVtheGrinDeR slid well away from any hope of a prized place. Along with ChaV, the 2nd place winner for November, dubins, doesn’t appear in the top ten for December. As best I can tell, dubins hasn’t even played much at all this month. Dubins doesn’t appear anywhere in the 250 recorded places at all for December.

EZ_baller who was sitting strong in 3rd place last week dropped to 6th, probably caused by the meek 16 chip increase he had during the week. Moneyforrent came out of nowhere for an 8th place win, bumping thebumwheel clear off the top ten while Soul Coughing sits on his 10th place since last week.

‘Tis a new year and we’re all starting fresh. Let’s see some new dedicated players looking to earn their spot on the FTP Leaderboards.