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March has arrived and with February’s passing we’re left with another group of Full Tilt Leaderboard winners. It has been a wild and crazy month, full of juicy action and even some scandal, and has covered it all. With Full Tilt Poker Pros working both the MTT and high limit SNG boards it’s been interesting to watch how everyone sizes up against these well established players. One poker pro, Jonathan Little, has given us something to talk about this week which we’ll delve into that a little later in the analysis.

March will undoubtedly usher in a new wave of exciting action, but in the meantime let’s look at the overall results of February’s leaderboards:

Top Ten MTT Players for February:

1. The Yid (17,114.20 chips)
2. tommyboy1951 (13,756.10 chips)
3. Merrito (12,848.80 chips)
4. YoungSupremacy (11,951.90 chips)
5. PearlJammed (11,876.50 chips)
6. Reverse (11,772.80 chips)
7. bparis (11,344.60 chips)
8. hellraiser88 (11,246.30 chips)
9. BlueOceans (10,586.90 chips)
10. Aron F Jenks (10,473.60 chips)

Only one of the two poker pros rocking the MTT leaderboard during February has made it to the over all top ten for the month. PearlJammed secured a position in 5th place overall as Erick Lindgren, our other Full Tilt pro, slid off the top to 11th place. After initially doubting The Yid’s capabilities he’s set out to prove me wrong by remaining in 1st place for the last couple weeks through the end of February, taking down the first place prize! I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of The Yid and his potentially newfound confidence.

In a matter of two weeks time Reverse fell to 6th place overall from 1st. During the same time span tommyboy1951 continued to play well and maintained his 2nd place position after spending half of the month at the low end of the top ten. Last week Merrito could be found in 8th place. After stepping up his game and earning some decent chips, Merrito has risen to 3rd place overall – a nice rise in position if you ask me. YoungSupremacy had a good week too, rising one spot to take PearlJammed’s previous position in 4th place.

Erick Lindgren’s fall from the top ten has given a new player a chance to be seen at the top. BlueOceans can be found in 9th place just above Aron F Jenks who has fallen to 10th place this week. It’s been a good month on the MTT leaderboard and full of action. Hopefully March will roll in a whole new scene of action!

Top Ten SNG (high limit) Players for February:

1. Billy Ripken (24,905.30 chips)
2. time4sumakshun (24,740.20 chips)
3. Whitesnake1 (23,770.20 chips)
4. beanmo (21,778.60 chips)
5. jeppg1111 (18,408.30 chips)
6. Mement_mori (17,396.10 chips)
7. moneyinthebank1 (17,124.50 chips)
8. dogscratch (16,117.00 chips)
9. JohnyCashOut2 (15,853.70 chips)
10. wildjoker321 (15,587.30 chips)

The scandal mentioned in the beginning of this article took place within Full Tilt’s high limit SNG leaderboard. Jonathan Little, the very Full Tilt pro I’ve praised time and again for landing a 1st or 2nd place position was caught this month sharing his account with others. As minor of an offense as it is, Full Tilt Poker is very stern about their Terms and Conditions and values the trust of its players. Little’s actions forced Full Tilt into dropping his affiliation with the poker room and banning his account. Only a week before the allegations came to light Jonathan Little sat in 1st place with a monster chip lead. It was fairly safe to say that no one would have surpassed him on the board.

With Jonathan Little out of the way I expect to see JohnyCashOut2 dominate the board month after month. JohnyCashOut2 has slumped in the rankings this month for reasons unknown and it will be interesting to see if he’s able to pick up his game where he left off for March. Though he’s still demonstrating his abilities by cashing in at 9th place this month Johny has the skill to take him to the top every month, hands down.

Time4sumakshun has managed to retain his 2nd place over the past week instead of rising to number one as Jonathan Little made his exit from the FTP Leaderboard scene. It was Billy Ripkin, last week’s 4th place holder who pulled in 1st place jumping ahead of time4sumakshun before he had a chance. Coming in at 3rd place this month is Whitesnake1. It’s good to see him in the top three and I hope to see him continually improving his game.

Top Ten SNG (low limit) Players for February:

1. bedsore (12,346.90 chips)
2. killa_poker10 (9,896.30 chips)
3. moneyforrent (8,990.90 chips)
4. brainmuscle (8,482.90 chips)
5. 1luckysOOner (8,028.60 chips)
6. Arngrim (7,968.00 chips)
7. bunnydynamics (7,570.90 chips)
8. Pulsatilla (7,482.40 chips)
9. docholiday470 (7,301.50 chips)
10. kokmus (7,005.20 chips)

Bedsore set his 1st place position in stone they day he landed there and secured it through to the end of February. With a 2,000 increase in chips over the past week he comes just ahead of killa_poker10 with a 2,500 chip lead. Moneyforrent has risen to 3rd place knocking last week’s 3rd place holder 1luckysOOner down to 5th overall. It’s brainmuscle who has taken moneyforrent’s place at 4th.

Although there has been a lot of positional changes, no one new has entered the low limit SNG top ten over the course of the week. Pulsatilla has dropped to 8th from 5th, bunnydynamics rose two place to 7th, and docholiday470 dropped one place to 9th. Kokmus stayed consistent throughout the week and remained in 10th place overall. Einsammy doesn’t appear in the top ten this month. Though he’s fallen to 11th place overall for February it’s apparent that he has a lot of skill and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him in the future.

Continue checking back with Flop Turn River for the latest in Full Tilt Leaderboard analysis. As we roll into March we’ll be taking a look at these leaderboards each week until we see a new group of top ten winners!