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January is now behind us as we push forward into the second month of a new year. The beginning of February has brought with it 30 top ten winners from the various leaderboard categories on Full Tilt Poker. For the most part the leaderboard results are as expected with only a few minor upsets.

Full Tilt Poker has updated their leaderboard page on their website and is now using a new interface to present their boards. It’s definitely worth checking out as it seems much more functional and convenient. All the same, I still prefer to get my daily leaderboard stats right here at January 31st Leaderboards. The fact that these stats are archived right here at FTR is great because I never have to stray too far from all its poker resources!

The following are the top ten results for MTTs, high limit SNGs, and low limit SNGs:

Top Ten MTT Players for January:

1. bigmoneystud (16,556.00 chips)
2. GettinTipsy (15,783.80 chips)
3. WeirdThing (14,458.70 chips)
4. ElMastermind (13,742.00 chips)
5. bparis (13,666.10 chips)
6. garage13 (11,758.40 chips)
7. bowser125 (10,977.30 chips)
8. Comandr_Cool (9,997.10 chips)
9. MoormanI (9,784.60 chips)
10. JBT449 (9,479.50 chips)

Bigmoneystud worked his magic sending him right up to a first place finish overall, just above GettinTipsy who came in at 2nd place this month. It was just last week that these two players’ spots were the other way around. This isn’t the first time we’ve come across this action in the leaderboards either. Far too often when it comes right down to the wire, players may find themselves swapping places at the last second.

WeirdThing almost doubled his chip stack to land himself a 3rd place victory from last week’s 5th place. Similarly, E1Mastermind more than doubled his own stack which shot him up to 4th place. His jump is quite impressive considering the fact that he sat on the very edge of the top ten last week at 10th place. The odds could have easily went against his favor and sent him right off the top ten completely. MoormanI has also pulled an impressive feat climbing out from 24th place last week to an overall 9th for January.

Lack of decent playing time can destroy any standing you have in the top ten in no time. A couple weeks ago I mentioned how jcada99 was moving forward ahead of the pack and then started to slowly lose his ranks as time went on. It was clear that jcada wasn’t playing very much, or… not winning. Had he continued to match his level of play in the 2nd half of January to the 1st half there’s no doubt he’d be the number 1 leader for the month. His chip stack has remained the same size over the past week and it has essentially taken him from a strong 1st place down to 25th place overall. Quite simply, taking a break will only get you passed on the FTP leaderboards.

The person I’d like to give props to this month for the MTT Leaderboard is bparis. I’m unsure if bparis just started late in the month, or if he simply didn’t play all that much, but his stride to 5th place was a long one during this past week. Just 10 days ago, bparis sat in 95th place, far from any expectation of making it to the top ten. Nevertheless, paris did something right over the course of the week because he is dubbed a top ten winner for the month of January at 5th place overall.

Top Ten SNG (high limit) Players for January:

1. Jonathan Little (44,016.60 chips)
2. JohnyCashOut2 (38,588.50 chips)
3. time4sumakshun (29,248.70 chips)
4. beanmo (23,283.50 chips)
5. pareshjain (21,375.00 chips)
6. moneyinthebank1 (20,828.00 chips)
7. The Fiend 34 (20,593.00 chips)
8. phatchoy888 (17,851.40 chips)
9. Mement_mori (16,764.00 chips)
10. Whitesnake1 (16,625.70 chips)

I was a little surprised to see the outcome of the high limit SNGs for the past month. I would have put money on JohnyCashOut2 coming in at 1st place. For several weeks in a row he’s taken 1st place and has alternated taking a 1st or 2nd place finish at each month’s end. In fact, JohnyCashOut2 took home the first place finish along with 20 paid buy-ins in prizes for the previous month. Johny is showing great consistency in these leaderboards, and his chip stack this month almost matches last month’s exactly.

Last week I praised Jonathan Little for climbing up to 2nd place from 10th in a weeks time. His determination has paid off as we gear up for a new month because he continued his climb to 1st place overall for January. Another who’s shown great consistency is time4sumakshun as he held onto his 3rd place finish for the whole week and managed to seal the deal on the 31st of January.

Last week, Misclick sat in 8th place with roughly 12,000 chips in his stack. Today we find him sitting in 17th place with around 13,000 chips, an increase of 1,000. It has become increasingly clear that in order to maintain a place in the top ten raising a mere 1,000 chips in a week’s time won’t cut it.

For the majority of the month of January, phatchoy888 has held a spot in the top ten. Last week his performance slumped and he found himself sitting in 11th place, just off the board. Phatchoy stepped up his game and got his act together and started climbing the ranks again and managed to keep an 8th place overall win.

Top Ten SNG (low limit) Players for January:

1. Rebellz (13,583.90 chips)
2. zdarlight (12,657.10 chips)
3. Arngrim (12,103.20 chips)
4. gerdim (11,392.50 chips)
5. einsammy (11,364.50 chips)
6. moneyforrent (11,276.80 chips)
7. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz3 (8,827.50 chips)
8. tappert (8,818.30 chips)
9. bethwolf22 (8,569.40 chips)
10. 1luckysOOner (7,757.00 chips)

It comes as no surprise that Rebellz has once again held onto this first place position for the entire month of January. As impressive as it is, I’d like to see someone offer up a real challenge and fight for 1st place in the coming months. JohnyCashOut2 from the high limits may have lost his number one spot and threw me for a loop, but Rebellz held his own as expected.

For the most part, the players on the top ten this week were all present on the board last week as well. There are two players, however, that were not in the top ten last week. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz3 and 1luckysOOner have made it to the top ten just in time at 7th and 10th place, respectively. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz3 was in 11th place ten days ago before he made a decent climb to 7th. 1luckysOOner’s story is an interesting one. At the time of my last leaderboard post, 1luckysOOner was far from being considered a contender at 57th place. Within 10 days he climbed 47 spots in the ranks to a 10th place win for the month of January. Currently, for the month of February, 1luckysOOner is ranked at the number one spot. Had 1lucky been given a few more days before January’s end I have a feeling we’d be seeing a different number one leader at these lower limits.