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It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at the Full Tilt Leaderboards and a lot has taken place. As it pans out in almost every month, several players who are expected to appear in the final top ten have lived up to our expectations showing complete and utter dominance over the average up and down player. It wouldn’t be a game without these players spicing up the board and it’s an honor covering their progress. Tonight we’ll take a look at the changes that have taken place over the past couple weeks and bring you the Top Ten Winners for June across all three Full Tilt Leaderboard categories.

Remember, FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the FTP Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the Full Tilt network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar. Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing. It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.

For a quick link to today’s full Leaderboard results (a whopping 250 recorded places) click here: June 30th Leaderboard Results.

Let’s take a look!

Top Ten MTT Leaders – June Winners

1 dinkydoofus 7903.70
2 Rounder63 7299.70
3 CBrink_Man 7030.40
4 Geldi28 6499.10
5 rtkoss 6485.30
6 bowser125 5905.90
7 Sveden House 5902.70
8 creig 5852.60
9 tedsfishfry 5204.50
10 easymisi 5171.70

The last couple weeks of June proved to be a long and hard road for dinkydoofus, but somewhere along that road dinky hit gold and managed to climb his way up to the top of the board for a 1st place win. On June 10th, when the leaderboard was last covered, dinkydoofus sat in 117th place, well below any recognizable position. Just below him in 2nd place overall is Rounder63. Yearly, Rounder63 could quite possibly be considered the best overall player on Full Tilt in the MTT category. So far this year, Rounder has spent 79 days in the top ten!

CBrink_Man is also a great MTT player on Full Tilt but has a lot of up and down swings. He stayed pretty steady this month, climbing a few positions in the final couple weeks for June, landing him an overall 3rd place this month. For the 4th place win, Geldi28 scores his first top ten leaderboard position since I’ve been covering these leaderboards! Two short weeks ago Geldi sat in 38th place, not too shabby of a climb to say the least.

rtkoss is another player who is arguably considered one of the top three MTT players on Full Tilt today. Scoring 5th place for June, rtkoss finally made the leaderboard after sitting just below the cutoff point two weeks ago on June 10th in 11th place. bowser125 is yet another player consistently scoring top ten wins. He may not be at the top of the leaderboard every month, but he certainly knows how to consistently make an appearance. It amazes me how these players rise to the occasion in the knick of time.

In 7th place for June is Sveden House. There’s not much to be said about Sveden except for the fact that in the final two weeks this player rose from 197th place to 7th overall, an impressive leap! Creig, a player I do not recognize also made a somewhat decent jump from 31st place to 8th overall. tedsfishfry made a last minute climb to 9th place from 176th, something not uncommon among his abilities. ted is certainly one of the regulars on the MTT Top Ten. Lastly, easymisi climbed the ranks from 24th to 10th, his first top ten victory since I’ve been covering the leaderboard.

Top Ten High Limit SNG Leaders – June Winners

1 time4sumakshun 24135.90
2 moneyinthebank1 22727.30
3 jeppg1111 22401.70
4 0king_high0 20192.30
5 Mement_mori 17451.90
6 adb235 17374.80
7 PokerLex777 16288.80
8 222apples 15154.60
9 beanmo 15042.10
10 hoppashoppas 13931.50

I absolutely love covering the high limit SNG leaderboard because the competition stays consistent among the best of the best as they return fighting each month for the number one spot. Reclaiming his dominant position, time4sumakshun nailed another 1st place win over moneyinthebank1 who comes in a little short at 2nd place. First place was nabbed from time4sumakshun last month by Mr Wite who has failed to make a reappearance in the top ten this month. Moneyinthebank1 earns a well deserving 2nd place just over jeppg1111 who is right on his heals, only 300 chips less.

Oking_high0 has dropped one place in the last couple weeks but has remained consistent nonetheless for a 4th place victory. Mement_mori was our first place contender on June 10th but has dropped a few positions to 5th overall for June. It is adb235 who makes our first climb among the top ten contenders into 6th place overall after sitting in 10th.

PokerLex777 dropped a spot over the course of the second half of June and still manages to seal a comemndable 7th place win. 222apples, one of the newer players to grace the high limit SNG leaderboard, sat in 5th place on June 10th and has made a slight drop to 8th. Surprisingly, beanmo has slumped to 9th place overall after sitting pretty in 2nd place a couple short weeks ago. It’s unusual for beanmo to lose grasp of such a high position after he’s made it so high on the board. Hoppashoppas makes their first appearance in the top ten at 10th place overall after their previous 23rd place.

Top Ten Low Limit SNG Leaders – June Winners

1 bunnydynamics 19153.80
2 M3nte 17939.10
3 ecued 15479.50
4 gerdim 14262.20
5 silky1969 14148.70
6 einsammy 13578.30
7 Arngrim 12492.30
8 kokmus 11199.50
9 Stickit69r 10730.40
10 LDCrayne 10614.90

There’s a certain level of consistency that follows the low limit SNG leaderboard too. I’m not sure why, but it tends to vary a bit more than the high limit board. It’s still interesting to see the battles unfold between these reappearing low limit players. Bunnydynamics has dominated the 1st place position all month, securing himself a 1st place overall win for June, in the end. M3nte wasn’t terribly far behind with about 1,000 in chips less than bunny. M3nte has demonstrated more skill over the time I’ve been covering the leaderboard but bunny’s all-month-long dominance definitely has something to be said for bunny’s abilities.

Ecued is a player I don’t recognize, coming in at 3rd place overall for June. Ecued has demonstrated an interest in both high and low limit SNG has he has appeared on both leaderboards. Granted he’s proving to do much better on the low limit end of things at 5th place on June 10th and today’s 3rd place, he rose from 176th place on the high limit board to 45th place overall.

Gerdim sat in 8th place a couple weeks ago, and stepped it up in the remaining days earning him a nice 4th place victory for June. Below him is silky1969, a player I’m unfamiliar with so far. Silky isn’t doing too bad for himself as he’s spent the entire month holding a top ten position. He started the month off stronger in 3rd place but has since fallen to 5th.

Einsammy is one of my favorite players, popping in and out of the top ten as if it’s his own side game. This month sammy has scored himself a 6th place victory after sitting in 19th a couple weeks ago. Arngrim has dropped one place over the last couple weeks to 7th. Kokmus didn’t appear in the top ten on June 10th and sat just below the cutoff point in 11th place, but has recovered and climbed a few places to 8th overall. Kokmus has enjoyed many days in the top half of the top ten and has even scored a 1st place win in the past. Both Stickit69r and LDCrayne have remained unchanged in the final couple weeks of June in 9th and 10th, respectively.