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September has come to a close, and with it the Full Tilt Leaderboard races for the month. We had some close finishes in the MTT Top Ten, as well as the SNG Low Limit race, and a runaway victory in the SNG High Limit Top Ten.

If you’d like to follow the FTP Leaderboard results, FlopTurnRiver archives the results daily on the Full Tilt network page. You can find it here: Leaderboard-Calendar by scrolling down to the leaderboard section and choosing a day to view. Also, for September’s complete standings (top 250 in all three categories) click here: September 30th Leaderboard Results

September Top Ten MTT Final Standings

1    DimJarnaby35    14540.30
2    kjh8448    14428.30
3    The Yid    12012.10
4    sprstoner    11876.60
5    daisyxoxo    8998.10
6    alienface    8807.50
7    ThatsTheGame    7738.30
8    cuzitsdelicious    7619.10
9    inhidonks    7607.40
10    JUMP PUTT    7445.60

Congratulations to DimJarnaby35 who takes the top spot with an impressive finish. He has consistently shown good volume and results in the multi-table SNGs, and he closed out the month with some MTT victories as well. A win in the $11 buyin (1r+1a) $6.5K Guarantee on the 24th was worth $1,863, and he followed that up on the 26th with another win in the $26 buyin $14K Guarantee for a nice payday of $3,528. He also posted a 2nd place finish on the 28th in the $26 buyin $17K Guarantee for $2,815.

Despite putting up incredible volume throughout the month in the multi-table SNGs, kjh8448 just couldn’t keep up with DimJarnaby35. He ends up in 2nd place for the month, a mere 112 points behind. I’m sure this race went right down to the wire.

After holding the lead for the early part of the month, The Yid finally gave way and round out the Top Three for September. The Yid has been a fixture in mid to high level MTTs, and is no stranger to the final table. The last week was no exception, as he posted several final table finishes, including a 3rd in the $55 buyin (1r+1a) $18.5K Guarantee for $2,894. Although he is a regular at the $75 45-player SNGs, his volume fell off a bit during the last week. Hats off to the Yid for a nice finish for the month.

September Top Ten SNG Final Standings – High Limit

1    PokerToronto    29428.10
2    jeppg1111    21130.70
3    moneyinthebank1    20625.30
4    flopdisasta    17661.50
5    wildjoker321    17335.20
6    AmeXCetuRioN    17032.50
7    Whitesnake1    16089.90
8    phatchoy888    16016.40
9    culaopho    15733.10
10    KVD79    15028.40

PokerToronto takes top honors in the High Limit SNG category. He opened up a big lead in the middle of the month and just never looked back. You have to salute his consistency as well, winning September after taking 3rd place on the August High Limit SNG Leaderboard.

Jeppg1111 had a nice strong finish for the month and ends up in 2nd place after cracking the top ten as of our last report. Moneyinthebank1 takes the 3rd spot, another impressive result after finishing 2nd in August.

September Top Ten SNG Final Standings – Low Limit

1    ecued    10460.20
2    gohome2mama    9897.20
3    J2ThaP    9777.10
4    gowpwk    9280.90
5    WPTfuji    9258.40
6    Durden86    7968.20
7    Drinking Buddy    6736.80
8    Deezel50    6613.70
9    ys0vsky    6357.30
10    Beard17    6213.00

Congratulations to ecued for taking down the #1 ranking in the Low Limit SNG category. Another consistent player, he took 11th for August and finished strong this month to take the honors.

Gohome2mama and J2ThaP have kept this race interesting all month and end up placing 2nd and 3rd respectively. They have both been right on the heels of the leaders and certainly put in some good results over the course of the last week.

Congratulations again go out to our Top Ten finishers in all categories. Stayed tuned as the October race heats up.