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More bad news has hit online poker players in Washington State. Full Tilt Poker, the second-largest online poker room in the world and one of the few poker rooms that still accepts American players, will no longer allow players in Washington State to play at their poker site. This comes soon after legal developments have made it a felony for any player to play poker in the state of Washington. On September 30th of this year, PokerStars halted their operations in Washington State.

Certainly, Washington State online poker players have many questions concerning Full Tilt Poker’s action. Most importantly, the real money accounts of Washington State players are safe. They may withdraw their money at any time in the future. Unlike PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker will allow Washington State poker players that are visiting outside states to access their accounts and play in real money poker games. This means that players in Washington State may leave the money in their account and play on their account whenever outside of the state. All Black Card and Iron Man Challenge statuses have been put on hold until players move out of Washington State (and can play consistently again) or until the legal situation changes. Washington State players with any further questions may inquire at

The last of the big three poker networks that accept American players that still accept players from Washington State is the Cereus Network, which includes the poker rooms UB and Absolute Poker. It is not advised that players residing in Washington look to play at any poker rooms since it is a felony to play online poker within the state. Players looking to play in a room other than PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker should look into UB or Absolute Poker and take advantage of their huge deposit bonuses.