Full Tilt has been known for its crazy and unique promotions, and they are constantly having new ones every month. They decided to start off the first weekend of the new year to give sit & go players their shot at some extra bonus cash. If you haven’t already known, Full Tilt Poker started up an MTT and SnG leaderboard sometime ago, which has had some heated battles; and not to mention some nice cash. There is a weekly article written about it here at FTR which compares the position of the players which you can view by clicking here. However, they are taking this one step further.

Sit & go madness will be running this weekend for 48 hours in total; from Friday January 4th at 16:00 ET until Sunday January 6th 16:00 ET. During this time, if you join any special madness no-limit hold’em sit and gos, you can win your share of cash and the more than 1,000 prizes. The special madness sit & go’s appear in the lobby in a green font, the normal sit & go’s will not count towards this promotion. (See picture below.)

There are 4 groups, divided by the buy-in. Group A is $1 – $2, Group B $5 – $11, Group C $20 – $33, and Group D $50 – $110. During this 48 hour period, the Sit & Go Madness will be broken into 24 two hour blocks with a leaderboard for each of the groups. The top 7 players in each group will be paid after each 2 hour block is complete. Some of the prizes can be quite large; Group A’s prizes range from $1 for 7th, to $20 for 1st, Group B $5 – $100, Group C $10 – $200, and Group D $25 – $500. Remember, these prizes are awarded every TWO hours! Think of all the extra money that can be made!

There will also be an overall leaderboard for each group during this madness. This is determined by who finishes the best in each group for any 2 hour period. So if you played 4 blocks, and your points were 150, 175, 90, and 165, 175 would be your highest total (not highest average). The top 2 players in each group will win a seat in a $5,000 Sit & Go Freeroll which will pay the top 3 spots. This can be a HUGE opportunity for anyone, especially for those who play the Group A and B games looking for a boost to their bankroll. This tournament will be held on Saturday, January 13th at 16:30 ET.

If all of those perks aren’t enough to play some pushaments, they are also including a Madness Raffle. For every madness sit & go that you win during this 48 hour period, you will earn one raffle ticket entry for some gear from the Full Tilt Store or entries to special Full Tilt events. They are giving away 600 FTP Hats, 300 FTP Shirts, 100 $26 tokens, 50 $75 tokens, 15 $216 FTOPS entries, 10 $322 FTOPS entries, 5 $535 FTOPS Main Event Entries, and 1 Deluxe FTP Home Game Package (Deluxe Poker Table, Deluxe 500 Piece Chip Set, Black Leather Poker Deck Case, Red Leather Poker Deck Case). The more green sngs you win, the more entries you have in the raffle!

This is an amazing promotion and I highly recommend taking full advantage of it! This beats any deposit bonus as the potential amount you could win every 2 hours is VERY high! Full Tilt has been known to run some of the best promotions, and this shows why. If you don’t already have an account at Bovada, sign up by clicking on the Full Tilt link. By doing so, you will get to participate in this great promotion, and also will be given a 100% up to $600 bonus when you use the referral code FLOPTURNRIVER! Sign up now and cash in on this madness!