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Have you ever gone mad from grinding Sit-n-Go’s? As in really mad? This time Full Tilt Poker will reward you losing your mental sanity in the best way possible: with Cash Money of course!

Prepare yourself this Friday, December 4th. Start doing everything that needs to be done by that date such as taking the dog to an afternoon walk and the girlfriend to the cinema, and also start stashing the Red Bull and espresso coffees, because you will be doing some hardcore grinding from that day on (action begins at 4pm ET) all the way until 4PM ET Sunday, December 6th. Play your favorite Sit-n-Go tournaments during that timeframe on Full Tilt Poker and you will win your cut of Leaderboard prize money, tickets to the Madness Raffle and entry to the Madness Freeroll, which has a guaranteed prize pool of $50,000 and a $0 entrance fee.

Participating in this excellent promotion is as easy as breathing. All you have to do is register and play in the Sit-n-Go’s highlighted in green at your desired buy-in level. The buy-ins for these tournaments are split into four separate groups as follows:

•    Group A:    $1 to $2
•    Group B:    $5 to $11
•    Group C:     $20 to $33
•    Group D:     $50 to $110

This promotion will last for 48 hours. These hours will be divided into 24 two-hour blocks (for example 4pm et to 6pm et, 6pm et to 8pm et, etc), and there will be a leaderboard for each of the four groups for every block. The top seven players in each group will be paid at the end of every block in the following way:

—           GROUP A        GROUP B        GROUP C         GROUP D
—           $1 to $2          $5 to $11          $20 to $33        $50 to $110
1st place     $20                 $100                 $200                  $500
2nd place    $12.50            $60                   $125                   $300
3rd place     $7.50              $40                   $75                     $200
4th place     $5                    $25                   $50                    $125
5th place     $2.50              $12.50              $25                    $60
6th place     $1.50              $7.50                 $15                    $40
7th place     $1                    $5                      $10                    $25

There is also an overall leaderboard, and it does not work in the way you expect it to so pay attention. The overall leaderboard is determined by the best performance in one of the two-hour time periods BUT not cumulative! This means that if you play a block and earn, say, 150 points for your performance, and then for another block you earn 86 points, only the 150 points will count towards the overall leaderboard. The top two players will square off in a $5K Sit-n-Go freeroll where the top 3 places will be paid. That particularly juicy tournament will take place the following weekend, on Saturday December 12th at 15:05 PM ET to be exact. This means you should not only grind mindlessly, but you should actually try to put on a good show!

But wait, there is more. Even if you cannot win a decent amount of Sit-n-Go’s to save your life and/or not able to place on any of the many leaderboards, and also fail to win a prize in the Madness Raffle, you can still win a whole lot of money with the $50K freeroll. Entering that freeroll is dead easy: only thing you have to do is win any two Sit-n-Go’s during the promotion hours, which would be between Friday 4th and Sunday 6th, 4pm ET to 4pm ET. Oh come on, you can accidentally win two at the donkstakes, so you do not have a valid excuse to not take part in this free money thing.

And then there’s the Madness Raffle. Every time you cash in any of the green Sit-n-Go’s during this awesome promotion, you will get one ticket good for entry into a drawing for some cool items from the Full Tilt Store. Also available as prizes in the raffle will be Tournament Dollars and Satellite Tokens. There will be more that 1,000 prizes up for grabs; just ask Tyche the Goddess of Chance to be on your side (and the more tickets you have, the easier it will be for her to be at your side) and you will take home some of the following cool items:

Prizes Awarded
FTP Deluxe Home Game Package (Deluxe Poker Table, Deluxe 500 Piece Chip Set, Black Leather Poker Deck Case, Red Leather Poker Deck Case) 1
500 T$    10
200 T$    25
$75 Satellite Tokens 75
$26 Satellite Tokens 100
Full Tilt Poker T-Shirts 300
Full Tilt Poker Hats 600

That’s it. Tons of ways to win good money in the following weekend, all the while you will be collecting an excellent amount of FTP Points along the way.  Get the things you have to do out of the way, so you will be able to grind unimpeded to collect your share of these crazy prizes (while trying to maintain your sanity. Good luck with that!)!!

(written by Jack Sawyer)