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It’s Full Tilt Phil, but not as we know it. A brand new Full Tilt update, packed full of major software upgrades, went live on July 30th. To accompany the three new lobby views, improved table filters, and brand new deal-making systems, Full Tilt also unleashed what they are calling the “Biggest Bonus Ever”.

The most immediate difference in this deceptively small file is the new Standard View lobby. When you start up Full Tilt for the first time post-update you’ll be prompted to choose between the old Classic View, a beginner’s Basic View, and the Standard View. The latter looks set to supersede the Classic once it goes out of beta. It’s a stylish upgrade that offers mostly the same sort of functionality packaged in a more attractive way. The main difference is one of size. The Standard view is noticeably bigger in order to incorporate the more complex table filter and the new widget system.

On a click, the small ‘Customize’ button flashes up a selection of different widgets that you can add to your lobby. You can view everything from your cashier balance to your iron man status. The new cash game filters will be a more welcome addition for the dedicated player. You can now engage a selection of preset filters, or customize your own to ensure you locate just the table you’re looking for. Once you’ve found those perfect tables you can drop them into the new Favorites tab.

Tournament players will be most excited about the addition of automatic deal making, a much sought after improvement. When the time comes to chop the cash, players will have three distinct methods to choose from. The first utilizes the Independent Chip Modeling system, which assesses stack sizes to calculate each player’s current equity and distributes prize money accordingly. Secondly, there’s a simple Chip Ratio option, which doles out the prize money based simply on the size of the chip stacks. Finally, at any point the player on the button can propose a custom split that must be confirmed by all. It is worth noting that none of these options require approval from a Full Tilt staff member. In principle, they should all work automatically.

Among the other additions is a new PIN system which adds an extra layer of security to your account. Navigate to the Security menu to get your PIN sent to you in the form of three playing cards. These must then be entered each time you want log-in and play.

To celebrate all these fabulous new concoctions, Full Tilt is throwing open the gates for the Biggest Bonus Ever. This promotion is open to everyone who earned at least one Full Tilt Point before July 28th. Every player who fulfills the requirements is entitled to a bonus of at least $100. To check your amount and to start earning the bonus go to the Requests menu and click on ‘Check my Bonus Offer…’. Once you’ve approved the amount you’ll have 30 days to clear the money.