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The weekend poker tournaments were packed with excitement this week, with millions of dollars in prizes handed out to amateurs and professionals alike. Look below for a summary of all the action!

$500K Guarantee

$200 + 16 No Limit Hold’em (Super Stack, Multi Entry)

DMaradona $101,498

canofcorn22 $70,354

BgsaPnaples $49,681

Kask123 $37,394


DJs For Life $20,300

Jibe1 $14,423

Tatute $10,150

slinky1winky $6,945

The 500K Guaranteed had an excellent showing last week, with a stellar six-figure payout to the winner, ‘DMaradona’. An impressive 2,671 players entered the tournament, with poker professional Nick Petrangelo coming in second. Petrangelo has a number of strong finishes both live and online, including a win in the Foxwoods World Poker Finals.

The Sunday Brawl, $200,000 Guaranteed

$240 + $16 No Limit Hold’em (Super Stack, Knockout)

sammy_grinder $40,160

flashua777 $26,747

JailhouseTattoo $19,076


dadowiec $10,642

Mazurite $7,831


The_Fisherman_9 $4,217

Romeopro33 $3,012

Poker pro Sam Grafton was the final player in this 1,004-man tournament. Grafton is on a bit of a streak, after winning $163,953 in in the 2012 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour Main Event. The $200,800 prize pool just beat the guarantee.

The Friday Night Fight went off without a hitch, with ‘YURMON’ taking down first prize for $14,280! There were 119 entrants who put up the $535 + $35 buy-in, and each elimination earned a player $100 in this knockout tournament. The winner has shown consistent finishes in the past, but this is an exceptional moment in his or her poker career.

The $1K Monday tournament had a huge showing, with 193 entrants paying the $1000 + $60 buy-in! That made for a massive prize pool, and ‘IITTII’ won the big prize: $52,110. IITTII also won the $30,000 Guaranteed tournament on January 26 on Full Tilt for over $13,000, an impressive few weeks indeed.

Finally, the $100K Double Deuce continued the trend of big payouts last weekend. The $133K prize pool was well over the guarantee, and the winner ‘bmakarov119’ earned $19,280 in a dealt heads-up finale. The Double Deuece continues to be one of the most popular tournaments online today, with 6,693 entrants paying the rasonable $20 + $2 entry fee.


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