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Full Tilt Poker is offering its players extra money for the Holiday season with its Holiday Hundred promotion.  Buy gifts for the people on your holiday list with an extra $100 from Full Tilt Poker.  However, you must first make sure you are eligible for this bonus.

If you’ve already made an initial deposit and finished any active bonuses by November 15, 18:30ET, there is nothing to worry about; the Holiday Hundred offer is on the table.  If you haven’t made your initial deposit, you have until November 30, 23:59ET to deposit AND finish your First Deposit Bonus.  Similarly, if you have an active bonus, the same deadline applies to complete that bonus.  If you are able to do so, you will receive the Holiday Hundred bonus offer by December 2 and have until December 6, 23:59ET to accept.

Accepting the Holiday Hundred bonus offer is the easy part.  Simply log into your Full Tilt Poker account, click Requests at the top of the lobby, and select Check my Bonus Offer.  Simply click Accept Offer at this screen and you are on your way to being $100 richer!

You will have thirty days to clear your bonus money by earning Full Tilt Points in any real-money game.  The bonus money will clear in increments of $10 for every 166.7 Full Tilt Points earned.  This means a total of 1,667 Full Tilt Points are needed to release the entire $100 bonus.  Earning Full Tilt Points is simple.  Every player dealt into a pot will receive one Full Tilt Point for each dollar raked from the pot.  Fractional points are also awarded.  For example, if a player is dealt into a pot where $2.25 of rake was taken, that player earns 2.25 Full Tilt Points.  Additionally, for every dollar paid in tournament fees, you will receive seven Full Tilt Points!  Log into Full Tilt Poker, accept the Holiday Hundreds, and be on your way to having extra spending money this Holiday season!

Please remember you have until December 6, 23:59ET to accept this bonus so accept now!