Starting Friday, August 1 at 16:00 ET until 16:00 ET on Sunday, August 3, Full Tilt’s Sit & Go Madness Part IV will on the rage. More than $75K in cash and prizes are up for grabs for those who choose to play. Just look for a selected SNG and play to win!

All the tournaments are broken up into four groups based on the size of the buy-in. Group A consists of $1 – $2, Group B $5 – $11, Group C $20 – $33, and Group D $50 – $110. The higher the stakes you play, the better the payoff for finishing in the top seven. Since the 48 hours of tournament play is broken up into 24 two-hour blocks, the top seven players from each group will be rewarded prizes at the end of each time block. That means there are 24 chances to win for each group! Each group will also be provided with a leaderboard to keep track of the players that are to be payed at the end of each tie block.

An Overall Leaderboard will keep track of the players’ stats for each group, over the entire tournament. However, it is not a cumulative board. Instead it is calculated based on the best score achieved out of one of the two-hour blocks. If you make it to be in the top two of a group on the Overall Leaderboard, you will make it to a $5K SNG Freeroll against all the other top two finishers of the other groups. This Freeroll will take place at 16:30 ET on Saturday, August 9.

Want even more from winning a SNG? For every qualifying SNG that you win during the Full Tilt SNG Madness, you’ll not only get the prize money, but also a raffle ticket. More than 1,000 prizes will be given away in this Madness Raffle. The raffle ticket gets you in for a drawing for entries into Sunday events and some Full Tilt Poker gear at the Full Tilt Store. The top prize for the Madness Raffle is a Full Tilt Poker Deluxe Home Game Package. In includes a deluxe poker table, deluxe 500 piece chip set, black leather poker deck case, and red leather poker deck case.

To register go to the Sit & Go button on the lobby, select the 1-table tab, and look for the qualified green highlighted SNG tables. Then click the Register Now button. If you don’t already have an account with Full Tilt, get started by clicking on any of the Full Tilt links on this page, set up your account, and be a part of the the Full Tilt Sit & Go Madness Part IV!