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The WSOP Main Event is well under way in Vegas and more than 6,000 players have showed up looking for that one and only Main Event bracelet. But even though action is huge in Vegas, action online never dies as the Sunday Million got almost the same amount of entries as the Main Event, but first, let’s review some of the Saturday action.

Saturday Super-Knockout on PokerStars was the first in line and with a lot of the best players gone Vegas for the summer, some of the other pros are tearing up the action and over the course of the last two weeks no one has been tearing it up more than Polish pro “pyszalek”. Scoring two runner up finished on Full Tilt Poker just last week for over fifty grand in prizes, “pyszalek” started off this week with a runner up performance in the Saturday Super-Knockout for $15,191.02. However, in heads up play he was bested by Russian pro “Ti0373” who took third in the FTOPS XXI Main Event at the end of 2012.

Saturday Super-Knockout

$320 buy-in
753 runners
$231,924 prize pool

1. Ti0373 $21,279.47 (High stakes tournament pro with $1.4m in cashes)
2. pyszalek $15,191.02 (High stakes tournament pro with $2.6m in cashes)
3. hank-mood965 $11,480.23
4. KvicKiller $8,639.16
5. kingkong_158 $6,030.02
6. BaZa88 $4,870.40
7. DaNuts90 $3,710.78
8. holdfast73 $2,551.16
9. FellipeNunes $1,507.50

The Saturday Six-Max on Full Tilt Poker attracted 113 players and after hours of play Canadian pro “HB_HITMAN” took on Finland’s “Laitala_S”. “HB_HITMAN” is an accomplished online pro with consistent results since 2009, multiple Sunday major final tables including the Sunday Second chance and two 3rd place finishes in the Sunday Supersonic. You would expect a pro of this caliber to be in Vegas this time of year, but his decision to stick to online play seems to be paying off for him. This time, however, he had to settle for 2nd place as “Laitala_S” outplayed him HU and took down the first place $10,254.75 prize.

Saturday Six-Max

$320 buy-in
113 runners
$33,900 prize pool

1. Laitala_S $10,254.75
2. HB_HITMAN $6,525.75 (High Stakes tournament pro with $2.4m in cashes)
3. bv4ever $4,661.25
4. IneedMoneyXX $3,474.75
5. diegoarmando69 $2,457.75
6. TyRusT $1,610.25 (High Stakes tournament pro with $800K in cashes)

On PokerStars you can win staggering amounts of money for just a few bucks and the weekly Saturday Splash is a good example. With just a $2.22 buy-in with rebuys, this week it attracted 11,479 players creating a $131,946 prize pool! The last three players remaining struck a deal, each receiving well over $10K and the eventual winner was a player from India “tikmann22”, taking home $14,118.23!

$2.22+R Saturday Splash [3x-Turbo] $100K GTD

$2.22 buy-in
11479 runners
$131,946.40 prize pool

1. tikmann22 $14,118.23*
2. Arn_90 $11,950.71*
3. Dervish2012 $13,275.22*
4. skillhack1.5 $6,597.32
5. Witwevolte $5,277.85
6. qwasek1981 $3,958.39
7. interferer $2,638.92
8. mu4bigpot $1,319.46
9. Serv!etsky3 $791.67

On Sunday the stakes got higher as the biggest tournaments of the week kicked off and the first in line was the Sunday Brawl. 833 players turned up looking for the $40,000 first place prize among the final two was Marco Oliveira who took second place in this tournament in December 2012. Unfortunately, this time he was again unable to close out the tournament with a win and had to settle for 2nd place, losing the heads up battle to Germany’s “Germoneygame”.

The Sunday Brawl

$255 buy-in
833 runners
$200,000 prize pool

1. Germoneygame $40,000.00
2. Moliveira $26,640.00 (Marco Oliveira, High stakes tournament pro with $800K in cashes)
3. ToEnvolvido $19,000.00
4. Ihopeurdown $14,200.00
5. PinkPanther05 $10,600.00
6. Dezar $7,800.00
7. Oeck78 $5,800.00
8. TSAUNUNU $4,200.00
9. pokertracker1 $3,000.00

On PokerStars players started off Sunday with the Sunday Warm Up and for some it brought on some real heat. Coming in to the final table with the chip lead, high stakes pro “guth888” was most likely the overwhelming favorite to win this one. “guth888” was part of a six-way chop of the Sunday Million in November 2012 for $84,000 and in May 2013 he final tabled the Sunday 500, so he had a lot of experience being in this position. After the intense final table battle “guth888” came up a little short, slipping up in three handed play and being eliminated in 3rd. The winner was Russian “gppsromon” who defeated “oblionita” from Romania heads up to take home the $80,422.00 first place prize, which was the second biggest payout of the weekend!

Sunday Warm Up

$215 buy-in
2545 runners
$509,000 prize pool

1. gppsromon $80,422.00
2. oblionita $60,062.00
3. guth888 $42,756.00 (High stakes tournament pro with $600K in cashes)
4. senger141 $29,771.41
5. ResumeIgnore $22,141.50 (Jonathan Bannerman, High stakes tournament pro with $400K in cashes)
6. jezz81 $17,051.50
7. ATHIED87 $11,961.50
8. wardy912 $7,380.50
9. hamanof $4,326.50

Amazingly, in the biggest tournament of the week, not a single high stakes pro made it to the final table and the huge $200,000 first place prize was up for grabs by virtually anyone. Outlasting more than 6,000 players, “dreammancy” from Cyprus and “akport” from Russia made it to heads up play and “dreammancy” had a huge advantage in chips. Even so, both players decided to make a deal before proceeding. “dreammancy” received a guaranteed payout of $181,207.36 and not long after easily closed out the tournament.

Sunday Million, $1M Guaranteed

$215 buy-in
6247 runners
$1,249,400 prize pool

1. dreammancy $181,207.36*
2. akport $149,387.75*
3. madd2cz $99,952.00
4. magocapria27 $68,717.00
5. dupitoxx $52,474.00
6. clusterhache $39,980.80
7. blazeandwin $27,486.80
8. tight victor $14,992.80
9. litofcas11 $9,682.85

The last chance for a big score over the weekend was at Full Tilt Poker with the $250K Guaranteed. 1065 players turned up looking for the $50,000 first place prize. Three high stakes pro’s made it to the final table and two of them ended up playing heads up. It seemed like both players felt they had an advantage since no deal has been made. Ukrainian “gosuoposum1” is having a good summer as this is his third appearance on a weekend major final table. Some of the score in his resume include final tables in an FTOPS event and a Sunday Million final table as well as a win in the Wednesday Hundred Grand and The Big $162. His opponent, Russian “77kol0bok77” did not have such an impressive resume, but eventually came out on top for his biggest online score of $50,000.00.

$250K Guaranteed

$215 buy-in
1065 runners
$250,000 prize pool

1. 77kol0bok77 $50,000.00 (High stakes tournament pro with $400K in cashes)
2. gosuoposum1 $33,300.00 (High stakes tournament pro with $2.2m in cashes)
3. Niksautus $23,750.00
4. Looneyloo $17,750.00
5. Leqenden13 $13,250.00 (High stakes tournament pro with $2.4m in cashes)
6. KenRetaard $9,750.00
7. Psykee $7,250.00
8. KMK Froggie $5,250.00
9. VOLKSM $3,750.00