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Another action packed weekend at Full Tilt Poker came to a close today and here is the recap for the biggest tournaments of the weekend.

Friday Night Fight

109 runners
$43,600 prize pool

As always, the weekend began with the Friday night fight. Last week a player won the double deuce tournament while being the runner up in the same tournament only a few months before that, this time it was the other way around. Oleg12345 lost the heads up battle to jaliberta17, but he did win this tournament before, so still a very impressive result.


1. jaliberta17 $13,080
2. oleg12345 $8,284 (High stakes tournament pro, former Friday Night Fight winner)
3. jdpc27 $5,777 (High stakes tournament pro, nearly 4 million in lifetime cashes)
4. Freedom24Iam $4,578
5. ScoopAndStack $3,270
6. Zackattak1327 $2,398 (High stakes tournament pro with more than 1 million in cashes online)
7. Cataclysmic03 $1,635
8. Andrzejus $1,308
9. Mrluckypants $981


The Sunday Brawl, $200,000 Guaranteed

1194 runners
$238,800 prize pool

Sunday Brawl’s final table was filled with big names from across the poker world, however, none of them made it to the top with gkap13 taking first place. The big story of the weekend, however, was 6th place finisher ekziter, a well established Belarusian poker pro and you will see why a bit.

1. gkap13 $47,760
2. liveplz $31,808.16
3. bigdogpckt5s $22,686 (Casey Jarzabek, well known high stakes tournament pro with 5 million in lifetime cashes)
4. heavenwalker $16,954.80 (High stakes poker pro with nearly 1 million in lifetime cashes)
5. rubenrtv $12,656.40 (Ruben Visser, well known high stakes tournament pro)
6. ekziter $9,313.20 (Anton Astapov, well known high stakes tournament pro)
7. Eiffel $6,925.20
8. jonito21 $5,014.80
9. mossified84 $3,582

The $100K Double Deuce kicked off next and with a $22 buy in and over 20K for first place, no wonder that this tournament has the most runners out of the weekend tournament lineup.

$100K Double Deuce

Multi – entry tournament
6839 runners
$136,780 prize pool

It took exactly 11 hours for high stakes tournament pro “CU at 69USD SnG” to clinch first place. Even though most of the players on the final table were somewhat established pro’s, CU at 69USD SnG was by far the most successful player on the table and his experience worked well for him.

1. CU at 69USD SnG $22,568.70 (High Stakes tournament pro, nearly 1 million in cashes online)
2. SaccoinaKK $15,524.53
3. garai10 $11,352.74
4. humaNice $8,480.36
5. CharlieBrow $6,155.10
6. wiliemwoles $4,376.96
7. actyper $2,913.42
8. donut604 $2,024.35
9. katie75013 $1,422.51

And here is the surprise of the weekend:

Super Sized Sunday
433 entries
$259,800 prize pool

Ocnits won the tournament, but if we take a look at the third place finisher, it’s ekziter again! So two final tables in the biggest tournaments of the weekend, made even more impressive by the fact that both tournaments had quite big fields and reaching final tables on both in the same day is a really special achievement!


1. ocnits $64,950
2. PIayinuts $40,269
3. ekziter $29,877
4. BiLlLeDiNgUe $23,382
5. bobby kraut $17,536.50 (High stakes tournament pro with more than 1 million in cashes online)
6. Rhje $12,990
7. IfHeDiesHeDies $8,443.50 (High stakes tournament pro, FTOPS winner)
8. ItalianCrusher $6,495
9. Andrew222555 $5,196


$1K Monday

93 runners
$93,000 prize pool

This week saw less runners then last week, but the action was good with many good players battling it out on the final table. Paigowpro has final tabled the 1K Monday at least 5 times before this and was definitely bringing the most experience to the table, however, he could no go all the way yet again and finished third, while a deal was made HU and eventually IThinkImLucky came out on top for the $25,050.85 first place prize.

1. IThinkImLucky $25,050.85
2. Whoozz $22,844.15
3. paigowpro $13,020 (High stakes tournament pro, won the 1K Monday several times and final tabled it several more times)
4. Goldenboys $10,230
5. betudontbet $7,440 (High stakes tournament pro, Mini FTOPS event winner)
6. Vinkyy $5,580
7. Cal42688 $3,720 (High stakes tournament pro, FTOPS Main Event winner)
8. RushAAKKandQQ $2,790
9. flashdisastr $2,325