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What on earth is the Mini Series of Poker? I asked myself that the first time I heard the series of events mentioned, but now it makes a bit more sense to me. Full Tilt’s mini series of poker is set up so those of us who can’t make it to this year’s World Series of Poker can still have a bit of fun and with more than $700,000 in prize money going out there’s certainly enough fun to go around!

The events start May 30th and end July 5th and the events themselves run alongside the real events in Vegas. That makes things more interesting and adds a feeling of excitement knowing that the real deal is going down right that very second. The prize money is a fast reminder that the MSOP is also the real deal, just on a smaller scale.

Another benefit to the MSOP is the lower costs. Playing at the Rio costs big dollars and the buy-ins start for Full Tilt’s MSOP is as low as $2 + $.25. I know the costs of the World Series of Poker are one of the things keeping me at home so it’s a neat opportunity to get to play in something similar for a fraction of the buy-ins!

On top of the prize money Full Tilt is giving out a limited edition champion’s watch. But finally the biggest incentive of all may be how Full Tilt is giving away a $10,000 dollar seat at the 2009 World Series of Poker. So go on and scoot up those leader boards and make a name for yourself. You might make it big in 2009! Check it out here!