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The team at Full Tilt are always working to improve your online poker experience. Whether it’s updating the software or adding new tournaments, there’s always some incremental improvement underway. Full Tilt is not only concerned with providing the finest destination for online poker, they are also interested in entertaining. To that end they have invested countless sums of money in great televised poker shows. The most recent to bear their sponsorship is the much loved Poker After Dark.

Season 6 of the renowned daily show returned recently, and concludes its opening fortnight this week. In a break from the usual format, the opening table was a cash game rather than a single table Sit & Go. In addition, it was extended over two weeks rather than just one. The group who assembled for this first run is without a doubt one of the finest that  has ever convened for PAD. It includes many players who are regulars at the nose-bleed stakes on Full Tilt. These online cash games are some of the highest played anywhere, in which only the very best can hope to compete.

The biggest name at the table is one everyone should already known. Seven time bracelet winner, November Nine member, and all-around poker master Phil Ivey takes pride of place on the roster. Joining him is the young multi-table expert Tom “durrr” Dwan, fellow online maniac Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies, and ladies favorite Patrick Antonius. The 6-man lineup is rounded out by two old hands. Double bracelet holder Howard Lederer shares the stage with Vegas cash game veteran Eli Elezra.

Episodes have been airing on NBC, Tuesday to Saturday at 2:05 a.m. ET, with a Director’s Cut special every Sunday at 1 a.m. Highlights include Tom Dwan hitting cards and running over the table in the early stages, taking huge chunks out of Ziigmund’s stack. Another tense all-in confrontation ended in anti-climax. Patrick Antonius and Howard Lederer went all the way to the river raising and re-raising until eventually they were both fully committed. When the cards were flipped it transpired that both had been holding A-A and the pot was chopped.

With a table full of gamblers it was inevitable that prop bets would spring up. Early on players were wagering on which suit would fall on the board, collecting winnings if their nominated suit took all three cards on the flop. The action really began to heat up between Ilarhi Sahamies and Phil Ivey. They agreed on a deal where Phil would pay Sahamies $50,000 if there were two red cards on the flop and Ziigmund would pay Phil $50,000 if there were two blacks.

The mantra of Full Tilt’s Poker After Dark is to present an in-depth look at poker games between the world’s most talented players. Many televised poker games are heavily edited, showing only the most interesting hands and the biggest pots. This method often misses many of the intricacies of top-level poker and skews far more towards the all-in push rather than the skillful lay-down. Over the years a who’s who of professional poker players have sat down at PAD’s private table. Daniel Negreanu, Phill Hellmuth, Johnny Chan, and Howard Lederer have all graced the felt at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Series 6 will run for at least another 4 weeks. Tables to come include the Magnificent Six, U.S.A vs. Italy, and a two week Railbird Heaven cash game. The events are sure to include plenty of Full Tilt pros, underlining their commitment to TV poker excellence.