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After a long absence, “FTPDoug” as known on the twoplustwo poker forums, has returned. He revealed that the “FTPDoug” account was actually a joint account that continued to be used years after the employee named Doug left the company. The account has been used for official responses from FullTilt Poker on the message board since 2006 including all of the official statements after Black Friday.

The poster that the community has known as “FTPDoug” for years is now posting under his real name, Shyam Markus, again as an official liaison between FullTilt Poker and the poker community. He apologized profusely for the FullTilt Poker difficulties over the past 15 months. Although he did not write the post-Black Friday responses himself, he maintains that he “never posted anything that [he] believed at the time to be untrue”.

Based on his new official post, he says that there will “definitely” be a re-launch in the near future, likely early November or perhaps even late October. Although they’ve been “bought out” by Pokerstars, FullTilt Poker will be managed separately and will continue to strive towards providing more uniqueness to the online poker landscape.

Once the site reopens, FullTilt will try to hit the ground running by having everyone’s account logins remain the same and presumably non-US player balances available for use. Players from the United States will only be allowed at play money tables.

As far as US player balances go, individual American players will need to apply directly to the DOJ for remission of their funds. Players with partially completed bonuses will be compensated in some way, while those who had purchased bonuses with FTP points will have the points refunded.

All in all, things are looking excellent for FullTilt Poker and their players. It’s amazing how much things can change. Just a year ago players were still in shock over the events of Black Friday. Many players had given up all hopes of ever getting their money back.